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Information Technology Services

Upload Files Using a Web Browswer


On this page, learn how to upload (save) files to your MyFiles@bc account using a Web browser with these methods:


Basic Upload Method


To upload files:


  1. Using your BC username and password, log in to your MyFiles@bc account at:
  2. Locate the folder where you want to upload files. Learn about navigating folders.
  3. On the toolbar, click the Upload icon to open the Upload File page (see Figure 1).
     upload file page
    Figure 1.

  4. For each additional file you want to upload, click Add File (see Figure 2).
    add file
    Figure 2.

  5. Click Browse to locate the file on your computer that you want to upload to this folder (see Figure 3). Repeat this step for each file you want to upload.
    browse for files
    Figure 3.

    Mac OS X Users: You must save your files with an application extension (examples below):
    Application File Extension
    MS Word .doc
    MS Excel .xls
    MS PowerPoint .ppt
    Graphic files .gif or .jpg
    Adobe PDF (portable document files) .pdf
    Web Pages .html

  6. If the file already exists and you want to overwrite the file, select Overwrite file if it already exists (see Figure 4).
    NOTE: If versioning is turned on, the older versions are still available on the versioning page, regardless of whether you check this option or not. Learn more about versioning.

    overwrite if file already exists
    Figure 4.

  7. After you select the file(s) on your computer to upload, click Start Upload to upload your file(s) (see Figure 5).
    upload files
    Figure 5.


Drag and Drop Upload Method


NOTE: In order to use the advanced upload feature you must update your Java.


  1. If your Upload screen is in Basic Upload mode, click the Advanced Upload link, which will change your Upload screen display to the following (see Figure 6).
     drag and drop files to upload
    Figure 6

  2. In a separate window open the file folder that contains the file(s) you want to upload to MyFiles@bc. Have this window displayed over your browser (see Figure 7).  drag and drop files from your documents to myfiles
    Figure 7

  3. Click the file(s) you want to upload (to select more than one file, hold Ctrl while clicking the file names), while holding down the left mouse button drag the file name to the MyFiles upload area.

  4. The files you selected will appear in the upload screen. Click Start Upload (see Figure 8).
    start upload
    Figure 8.