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About bookmarking

A bookmark is a shortcut to a file or folder. Bookmarks are accessible from the star icon.

Things to note about bookmarking:

  • A bookmark path always starts with a slash "/".
  • You can bookmark a folder by clicking the add icon.
  • You can only bookmark a folder or file that you have read access to.

Creating bookmarks

To create a bookmark:

    1. Go to the folder you want to bookmark.
        NOTE: Learn more about searching.

    2. From the toolbar, click the add icon.

    3. In the Bookmark Name box, enter your tailored bookmark name, then click OK (see Figure 1).

Bookmark Name
Figure 1

    4. This folder now appears under the bookmarks star icon (see Figure 2).

Bookmarks icon
Figure 2

Deleting bookmarks

    1. From toolbar, click the bookmarks star icon.

    2. Select Manage Bookmarks (see Figure 3).

Manage Bookmarks
Figure 3

    3. Check the box next to the bookmark you want to delete, then click Delete (see Figure 4).

Delete bookmark
Figure 4