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About bookmarking

A bookmark is a shortcut to a file or folder. Bookmarks are accessible from the star icon.

Things to note about bookmarking:

  • A bookmark path always starts with a slash "/".
  • You can bookmark a folder by clicking the add icon.
  • You can only bookmark a folder or file that you have read access to.

Creating bookmarks

To create a bookmark:

  1. Go to the folder you want to bookmark.
    NOTE: Learn more about searching.
  2. From the toolbar, click:add
  3. In the Bookmark Name box, enter your tailored bookmark name, then click OK (see Figure 1).
     figure 1
    Figure 1.
  4. This folder now appears under icon bookmarks (see Figure 2).
    figure 2
    Figure 2.

Deleting bookmarks

  1. From toolbar, click: icon
  2. Select Manage Bookmarks (see Figure 3).
    figure 3
    Figure 3.
  3. Check the box next to the bookmark you want to delete, then click Delete (see Figure 4).
     figure 4
    Figure 4.