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Setting up eduroam on Android Devices

eduroam for android

Follow these steps to set up eduroam for Android devices.

Note: Not all Android devices are configured the same, so the steps to set up eduroam on your device may differ from the ones below.

BC ITS strongly recommends completing the setup and testing eduroam on the BC campus before traveling abroad.

  1. Click the Menu button at the bottom of your Android device then select Settings.
  2. In the Settings menu, locate and select Wireless & networks.
  1. Selecet Wi-Fi settings.
  1. Select eduroam.
  1. When asked if you want to connect to eduroam, select Yes.
  1. Next, you have to set up the eduroam configuration. First, select the drop-down arrow under EAP Method.
  1. Choose TTLS.
  1. The Phase 2 authentication should be set to None.
  1. Scroll down in in the configuration window.

  2. Enter your BC user ID in the format in the Identity field.

  3. When you request access to eduroam, BC ITS will provide you with a password. Enter this password (not your usual BC password) into the Key(Passphrase) field.

  4. Select Connect.

Your device will now indicate it is connected to the eduroam network.

Please do not set eduroam as your preferred wireless network. BCSecure should be the preferred wireless network for members of the BC community while on campus.