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Information Technology Services

Computing Support While You are Abroad

Even when you are away from campus, you have technology resources available to you.  Before traveling with your computer or mobile device, be sure to review our computing tips and security information.

Computing Help from Boston College

While you are abroad you can get help from Boston College by:

Computing help from Apple

See Apple's international technical support numbers and support websites by country.

Computing help from Dell

You will need to update your address information with Dell by transferring ownership to your address abroad on Dell's website. Once you transfer ownership, you will be able to have your computer repaired at any computer repair store in that country for free as long as your computer is still under warranty. When you return to the United States, remember to transfer ownership back to your home address.

To get a local technical support number for the country in which you are studying:

  1. Go to
  2. From the drop-down menu near the bottom of the page, select the country.
  3. Click the Support link.
  4. Find the Contact Us link.

If the country is not listed, you can always contact the US technical support number at 800-822-8965.


Computing help from HP

While you are abroad, you can get help from HP by visiting HP's support pages, where you can also find the US support call center number and receive technical phone support or use the online support options (24x7 real-time chat or email).