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Reinstalling the Connected Backup Software

connected backup

If any of the following occurs you will need to reinstall the back up software:

  • The software was corrupted or removed from your computer, for example if your hard drive was reformatted or replaced.
  • You replaced your computer and want to transfer your existing backup account to your new computer.
  • You canceled the initial installation of your backup software.
  • The Connected Backup software consistently fails, reporting no files to backup.

To reinstall the Connected Backup backup software:

  1. Uninstall Connected Backup software: Windows - use Control Panel to uninstall | Mac uninstall instructions
  2. Open your web browser and go to the Account Management page

    Important Login Information

    To manage your account online, enter either your BC username or full BC email address (as listed in the online BC directory) in the Email Address box.

  3. To download the software again, click Reinstall Agent.
  4. Click Download Software.
  5. Click Begin Download (If prompted, save file to Desktop).
  6. Follow the standard instructions for installing the Connected Backup software, starting at Step 4.