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AWStats Web Traffic Statistics

using awstats

AWStats is an open source application for analyzing log files produced by web servers as users download pages and other files. At Boston College we use AWStats to analyze the large log files of the main BC web server - AWStats was implemented in November 2006 to take the place of Web Trends, a similar commercial application. (see below for archives of older data from Web Trends).

AWstats is a product that analyzes web server log files to give number of times a page or other type of file is accessed. AWStats is run daily. The monthly counts are accumulated as each daily log is processed.

To access the AWstats web reports, log onto VPN, then visit:

Note: you will need a valid BC Username and password to access the reports. The Help Center has a separate page on How to Set up VPN on your Computer if you have not previously done this.

We have a separate help page that explains how to get the page views for a specific web site for a specific month. See: How to Get Page View Counts for Your Website.

Some of the information you will find available in AWStats is:

  • Overall statistics for (summary by hour of the day, day of the month, days of the week, and monthly total).
  • Counts of page viewed that can be filtered to show specific web subsites.
  • Daily counts for each specific page are automatically added each day to the accumulated monthly values.

Other included reports

  • Browsers
  • Error Report
  • Operating Systems
  • Pages not found
  • Referrers
  • Robots/Spiders visitors
  • Search key words

Statistics in AWStats are lower than Web Trends for these reasons:

  • AWStats does not count hits on aliases (page is only counted once on the target of the alias).
  • AWStats does not include hits by spiders and robots in the overall page counts (but shows them in a separate report).

Use this link to access archived copies of Web Trends statistics for prior years.