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Nortel VoIP Phone Video Tutorials

Before viewing the tutorials, please note the following:

  • On the Main Menu (the first page of the tutorials), please select CS2100 Release SE10, which is the release BC is using.
  • Clicking the Refresh button of your web browser (i.e. Firefox, Internet Explorer) will not refresh the page you are currently viewing, but will return you back to the first page of the tutorials.

The tutorials will play in a web browser, and the screen will look like this (see below for descriptions of the highlighted features):

Diagram of Nortel VoIP phone.
  1. How To Use This Guide – Click here for an overview on how to use the video tutorials.
  2. Heading Arrows – Click these to display the subheadings under each heading.
  3. Sub-headings (Call Forward, for example) – Click these to view the tutorial on each topic.
  4. Practice – Click here to practice the function by clicking the buttons on the image of the phone on the screen.
  5. Print – Click here to display printable versions of the instructions for the tutorial you are currently viewing (will display in separate browser/browser tab).
  6. Video Controls – Use these buttons to pause, rewind, and fast-forward the tutorial you are viewing.

The following functions are explained in the tutorials, but are not currently available at BC:

  • Call Park
  • Ring Again
  • Speed Call
  • Predial

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