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Check Voicemail from a Phone

You can check your voicemail from a phone or from the web. This page explains how to access your voicemail and listen to messages using a phone.

Listen To Messages

  1. Log in to voicemail: Call 617-552-4006 or 2-4006 from on-campus.
  2. If you have new messages, you'll hear a tone after entering your extension number and the # key.
  3. After you enter your password and press the # key, you'll hear, "You have new messages. To receive your messages, press 1." You'll then hear the Main Menu options.
  4. Press 1 to play the first message.
  5. You'll hear, "New messages. # of messages. Message # from sender's audio name received today at time." You'll hear the message, then a very quick menu after the message finishes.

After listening to a message you can:

  • Listen to the message again - Press 1.
  • Delete the message - Press 3 NOTE: Once you delete it, it cannot be retrieved.
  • Go to the next message - Press #.
  • Forward the message to another BC voicemail box:
    1. Press 2 to send message as is without a comment
      Press 6 to record a comment to be added to the message. If you do elect to add a comment to the message you then be instructed to press 1 to add to the beginning of the message or 2 to add to the end of the message.
    2. Press 2 to Save/Send the message. You must press 2 at this prompt or no message will be forwarded. Do not hang up before getting confirmation that your message has been sent!
    3. After forwarding the message, you are returned to your messages.
      NOTE: You can only forward to 552, 655, or 656 extensions.