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Information Technology Services

Sending a Group Voicemail

Please note: To use this function, you must first have created a voicemail distribution list using the Create and Update in the Campus Groups function available through Agora Portal, or UIS transaction MS71 (Word Processing Job). Please allow 10-15 minutes for the list to get propagated to the voicemail system.

Only individuals with a personal mailbox on the administrative voicemail system (those in the 552 exchange) can be authorized to use a voicemail distribution list.

To send a voicemail message to a voicemail distribution list:

  1. Login to your voice mailbox as you normally do. [i.e.; Dial 2-4006 and enter your mailbox number and password (PIN) when prompted.]
  2. From the main menu, select option 5, which is the Call Handling menu.
  3. From the Call Handling menu, selection sub-menu 6, which is the Boston College Distribution List.
  4. Select option 3, which is "Other" distribution list types.
  5. Enter your distribution list number, which is located in the email confirmation receipt you received after you created this list. After you enter this number, the system will repeat the list number back to you and will tell you how many entries (individuals) are in the list. Use this information to verify that you entered the correct list number. If you entered the wrong list number, hang up and try again.
  6. When prompted, record your message and press the pound key (#) to stop recording. When you press the pound key to stop recording, you will get a menu of choices:

    # 1 = Review the message you have recorded.
    # 2 = Send the message.
    # 4 = Re-record the message.
    # 7 = Cancel the message.

  7. You may review, re-record, cancel, or send your voicemail message at this time. Be sure to press the "2" key when you are ready to send the message. Unless you explicitly press the "2" key, the message will not be sent.