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Information Technology Services

Activating Your Student Phone

On campus telephones

New undergraduate students may request their own BC phone number (starting with 655 or 656) by calling the Help Center at 617-552-HELP (4357). This phone number will be active until the August following their graduation.

To use this number in the residence halls, students need a touch-tone phone with working # and * keys. You can dial 6-3333 to test your phone keys to verify that they are recognized as the "pound" and "star" key respectively. Cordless phones are not recommended because of the large number of lines in such a small area, which can cause interference and static. A simple, inexpensive desk phone is sufficient for use in the residence halls. For undergraduate students living off campus, their BC phone number will serve as a voicemail box where they can receive messages.

Activating Your Phone

Activating your phone associates you and your phone number with a specific phone jack, allowing you to receive incoming calls to your number. Until you activate your telephone in your jack, you will only be able to dial on-campus numbers. If you don't activate your phone, your phone will not ring and all your calls will go directly to voicemail. Activation only takes a few minutes and is very simple to do.

To activate your phone:

Phone Jack
  1. Plug your phone into your phone jack. The phone jack is next to the Ethernet jack (used for connecting your computer) on your wall. Plug the phone into the jack with the picture of a phone above it.
  2. Dial 5-DIAL (5-3425). You can activate your phone between 9 am and 11 pm.
  3. Follow the voice prompts. You will be prompted to enter:
    • Your 8-digit BC ID number followed by the # key.
    • Your BC password followed by the # key. If your password contains letters, use the corresponding key – for the letter Q, use #, for the letter Z, use 9.
      NOTE: You can also enter your PIN followed by the # key. By default, your PIN is your 8-digit BC ID number.

After completing these steps it may take a few minutes for the phone to be activated. If the system is very busy (move-in weekend, for example) it could take 30 minutes or more. Please be patient. If your phone is still not activated after 24 hours from the time you dialed 5-DIAL and entered your information, please contact 617-552-HELP (4357) for assistance.


If you don't hear a dial tone when you plug your phone into your jack, use a nearby phone and dial 2-HELP (2-4357) or call 617-552-4357 from your mobile phone to report a phone jack problem. When you call, be prepared to provide your Eagle ID number, a phone number where you can be reached (your roommate's, for example), and your EagleNet box number (located on the left-hand side of the EagleNet box below the phone and computer icons).