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Security and Privacy

what you should know about google apps, security, and privacy

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BC Google Apps for Education and consumer, free Google services are not the same.

BC Google Apps for Education

BC has an agreement (contract) with Google for a specific instance of Google Apps that is different than the user agreement for consumer/public Google services.

BC Google Apps for Education includes Mail, Calendar, Drive, Sites, and Talk.

The agreement provides that all of our data is deemed to be confidential information and may be used by Google only for the purpose of providing the services and meeting its obligations under the agreement.  BC user data stored in Google Apps for Education will be handled in adherence to our standard compliance practices for FERPA, etc. and users will not be subjected to advertising.

Consumer Google

Any personal Google account you may have is covered by different “terms” and may not have the same security and privacy agreements as BC Google Apps.

  • Picasa, YouTube, and numerous other Google owned services are not part of BC Google Apps, and therefore have different user terms.  Full list of “other” Google services with links to terms.
  • When you access other Google services you agree to Google’s consumer user agreements, which are quite different than the BC Google Apps for Education agreement.

Remember: BC Google Apps for Education provides enhanced collaboration and data sharing capabilities. Always exercise caution online, especially when sharing data.