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Frequently Asked Questions

bc google apps

google apps at bc

What is Google Apps for Edu?
A set of web-based communication and collaboration tools that includes Email, Calendar, Drive (create, share, collaborate, and store files), Sites (easily create personal websites), and Chat (text or video chat with other Google Apps users). 

How was Google Apps for Edu chosen?
The decision to move to Google Apps for Edu was made following the successful move of students to Google in June 2013, and in collaboration with the Academic Technology Advisory Board (ATAB), The Office of the Provost, Directors, Department Contacts, and Vice Presidents.

How is Google Apps for Edu different from my personal Google?
Personal or consumer Google accounts have different user agreements. BC Google Apps for Education has specific, BC-negotiated terms, and no ads.

Is my BC Google account separate from my personal Google account? 
Yes. The accounts are separate and can remain that way.

Can I use Google Drive?
Yes, but be sure to read the best practices related to data security and Google Drive on our Google Help site.

Is my email and information at Google Apps kept private and secure?
Yes, the email data is owned by BC - not Google. Google is simply a service provider. These and other concerns have been addressed by BC’s contract developed and executed by BC legal counsel and Google.

Will I see ads when I am using my BC Google Apps?
No. You will not see ads on the screen when you look at your Email, Calendar, or Drive.

Will Google search our email for marketing purposes?
No. BC’s contract with Google prohibits that activity.

How much storage do I have on Google Apps for Education?

You have an unlimited amount of space to store files in Gmail, Google Drive, and Google + photos.

What is the maximum size for email attachments?
25 MB

Why did the move to Google happen in June?

The decision to move to Google in June was made in consultation with Deans, Vice Presidents, and Department Contacts. June was selected in part to minimize disruption during the academic year. It is difficult to select a date that works for every department on campus. After the date was selected, we worked with departments who indicated it would be a difficult time and either moved them as part of the Early Adopters on May 12, or arranged to provide extra assistance to them on June 16.

What moved from Exchange and what didn't?

Exchange Data
Migrated to Google Apps?
Email (including folders and subfolders)
Calendar YES
Contacts YES
Notes NO
Tasks NO
Rules NO

For more details about what moved, contact the Help Center at 617-552-HELP (4357) or