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campus groups

How to Use Campus Groups

Campus Groups is used to create Groups from personal information maintained in Boston College's computer system for students, faculty, and staff. Groups are the primary tool to be used for all types of messaging within the Boston College system. Email Groups and Voicemail Distribution Lists are considered to be "Groups" within the Campus Groups application.

Several Groups are created for you by Boston College

When you select My Groups from the Campus Groups menu bar or the Campus Groups main page, all Email Groups currently available to you for messaging are displayed. Email Groups allow you to distribute Email messages to an entire class or other grouping, and are virtually identical in function to listservs.

Note: Email Groups are the only Groups displayed for you in Campus Groups. Voicemail Distribution Lists, although also created in the Campus Groups application, are stored in users' Voicemail boxes.

The first step in creating Groups to use for messaging is to create a Personal List

For Email Groups, you collect Email addresses for the individuals you want to include with the Cart. You can add Email addresses to the Cart from the Directory Search, Browse Department, or Advanced Employee Search options, or from existing Groups. Once you have added all the Email addresses you want to the Cart, you can choose to create a Personal List with the Cart contents.

If you don't need to create a Personal List with the addressees you have collected, you can also choose to send an Email to any or all of the current addressees listed directly from the Cart. Finally, you also have the option of deleting or retaining the current Cart contents after creating a Personal List or composing an Email.

Create New Lists or Update Existing Ones

When you select Create Personal List from the Cart or select the Create & Update option from the Campus Groups menu bar, the Create & Update page displays. From the Create & Update page, you choose to either create a new List or select an existing List to update. After you make your selection, the Create & Update Form page displays.

Save a Personal List as a Group or a List

The Create and Update Form page is used to assign a name and number to a List, manually enter additional Boston College Email addresses, add non-Email address member identifiers such as voicemail numbers or usernames, and to either save the List as a selected Group type (Email Group or Voicemail Distribution List) or to save the List only without creating a Group.

It is important to understand that no messages of any type can be sent with a List, nor can a List be shared with other users; only when a List has been saved and generated as an Email Group or Voicemail Distribution List can it be shared with other users and utilized for message distribution. The primary reason to choose the Save Only option for a List is to view it as a Photo Page. Lists cannot be "saved" as Photo Pages or shared with other users. The Photo Page option is simply a view selection, and can be used to view addressee photos for saved Lists only.

Even when you save a List as a selected type of Group, however, the List itself is retained in your Campus Groups account, with the name and number you assigned to it. You can store up to 20 Lists in your Campus Groups account at a time. You can go back and save any List as another type of Group, at any time, regardless of the type of member identifiers you used when you created it. Campus Groups recognizes the member identifier you enter for each addressee, and is able to retrieve a user's voicemail number, for example, simply from the user's email address or username. Therefore, you can use the same List to create an Email Group and a Voicemail Distribution Group, and view the List as a Photo Page, should you need to.