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Groups provide a capability that's similar to Listservs. You can use a group's name to send an email to all the members of the group rather than having to specify each addressee. This functionality allows you to send emails to your groups without having to use the Campus Groups application.

To use a Group as a listserv:

  1. Create a Group using Campus Groups' Create & Update form.
  2. Make note of the name of assigned to your group.
  3. Open your preferred email program (i.e. Netscape Messenger, Outlook etc.).
  4. Place the full name of your group in the To:, Cc:, or Bcc: field of a compose window. For example: "smithj.committee."
  5. Add "" to the end of the group's name.
  6. Complete the message as you normally would.

Note: Groups have limited listserv functionality. If you require a monitored and/or a restricted listserv, request a traditional listserv using the "Manage Your Courses " option in Agora Portal.