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Information Technology Services

Invalid Entries

why was it rejected?

Only active BC email accounts for individuals can be added to Campus Groups. An invalid identifier in Campus Groups is an entry that was rejected.

Invalid Identifiers:

  • Non-BC email address: An email address that does not end with ""
  • Non-active BC email address: An email address for a person who graduated or left Boston College.
    Note: BC alumni accounts also end in "" If the alumnus is not also an active employee, student, or BC affiliate, their alumnus account is actually forwarding to another email address outside of Boston College. Although these types of users are active for the Online Alumni system, they are not active members of the BC community and will be rejected.
  • Group email account: These email accounts represent a department or an organization and can be maintained by more than one person.
    For example:,, or
  • Campus Group: A group that was created using Campus Groups. You cannot have groups within groups.
    Hint: Add each person from an existing group individually to your new group.
  • Typo: Misspellings will be rejected. Double-check your spelling.
  • Duplicate Entry: Only one instance of each email address will be accepted.