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Information Technology Services

Exporting From Campus Groups

to webmail, outlook, apple address book, or entourage

To export your email addresses into WebMail, Outlook, Apple Address Book, or Entourage:

  1. Make sure My Cart is empty by clicking the Empty Entire Cart link on the My Cart page.
  2. On the My Groups page, click the group name that contains addresses that you want to export.
    A page appears with a list of the people in this group.
  3. To select an entire group to export, click Select All To.
    To select individuals from a group, select To next to each name you want to export.
  4. Click the Add to My Cart link.
    My Cart appears with all of the email addresses you selected.
  5. Repeat Steps 2 - 4 until My Cart contains all the email addresses you want to export.
    Note: You can also add people to your cart using Browse Depts, Directory Search, and Advanced Employee Search in Campus Groups.
  6. To export all the email addresses in My Cart, click the LDIF/Outlook/Entourage/vCards link, which is below the Export entire cart for heading on the My Cart page.
    The Convert Cart to to LDIF/Outlook/Entourage/vCard Format page appears.
  7. On this page, do the following:
    • Select the format you want to export to:
      WebMail - Boston College's Student email application (
      LDIF - used by Apple Address Book and many other email applications
      Outlook (csv) - used by the full version of Microsoft Outlook
      Entourage (csv) - used by Entourage
    • In the box provided, enter a name for your conversion file.
    • Click the Request Conversion File button.
    A conversion file that contains your email addresses is automatically emailed to you.

Learn how to import the conversion file into: