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Create & Update

working with personal lists

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Types of lists you can create

  • Personal Groups: Groups can only contain BC email addresses. You will receive an email confirmation when the Group has been created and appears on the My Groups page. The name of each personal group is prefixed with your username. Only you can update, share, or delete these groups. You can send email to an individual, any part of the list or the whole list. Learn how to use Personal Groups.
  • Voicemail Distribution List: A Voicemail distribution list allows you to send a voicemail message to all the members of a group. After creating a voicemail distribution list using the Create & Update form, you will receive an email confirmation that includes the number of the distribution list. You will need this number when you log into voicemail to use the distribution list, so do not delete that email! View the detailed instructions on how to use a voicemail distribution list.
  • Photo pages with or without names:
    The photo pages contain a list of individuals and their photos. Photos will not be displayed for non-BC users or for BC community members who have suppressed their photos as part of their Privacy Preferences. View tips on printing photo pages.


Special features of personal lists

  • Share your list with other BC users: Designate others as users of your list by entering their BC usernames in the Share this list with field on the form. Each time you create or modify a list, these authorized users will receive an email notifying them of any changes. This email also instructs you on how to use the list. Learn how to share a list.
    Please note: Sharing your list with others only means they can view the list and use it. The Shared users cannot update or /modify this list in anyway. Only you, as the owner of the list, can update or modify it.
  • Save: You can save work in progress using Save on the form.

How to use Create & Update

When you select Create & Update from the Campus Groups menu, you can:

  • Update an existing list
  • View a photo page of the members of an existing list

To create a new list:

  1. Click the Create a New List link.
    The Create Form will appear.
  2. Enter a two digit number (e.g., 01) for the list in the List Number field.
  3. Enter a brief descriptive name in the List Name field.
    Note: Your username plus your list name will become the listserv email name (i.e.
  4. In the Members of this List field, enter one member identifier per line for each BC person you would like to add to this list. 
    These identifiers can be a combination of the following:
    1. BC usernames
    2. Eagle ID numbers
    3. Email addresses
  5. If you want to add your entire cart to this list, click the Add the Contents from my Cart link.
  6. If you want to share this list with other BC userse, enter their usernames in the Share this list with field. Learn more about sharing.
  7. In the Comments field, enter a comment to help you identify this list, if you want.
  8. Click the Save and Continue button.
    Any duplicate members are automatically removed and the Convert List/View Photos page appears.
  9. If you want to see photos of the membrs of your list, click the Photo Pages link.
  10. Select the type of list you want to create and click the Create & Continue button.
    The personal group or voicemail group is created. You will receive a confirmation email once the list has been created.
    Important: Save the email receipt - it contains important information that you need when using the list, especially if it is a voicemail distribution list

More information will soon be available about:

  • Updating an existing list
  • Viewing a photo page