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My Cart

using campus groups

Adding Email Addresses to My Cart

Like a shopping cart at an online store, the Cart will temporarily hold email addresses as you collect them using Campus Groups. Look for the conveniently located "Add to My Cart" button on the results pages of Browse Departments, Directory Search, Advanced Employee Search, and My Groups (see Figure 1).

Tip: Before you begin to collect entries in your cart for a new group, make sure there are no old entries from a previous collection. Use the "Empty Entire Cart" button to remove old entries.

Add to my cart icon
Figure 1.

Using My Cart

Once you have collected addresses in your Cart, you can do the following:

  • Compose: There are two composition options: QuickMail or Desktop. QuickMail uses BC's QuickMail and Desktop mail uses the email program that is configured to work with your web browser. These options copy the contents of your Cart into a "Compose" window and allow you to send an email.
  • Create Personal List: This option allows you to save the contents of your Cart as a Campus Groups or a voicemail list. You can also view the cart contents as a photo list. If you create a Group, it will be accessible from the "My Groups" choice on the Campus Groups menu.
  • Export to LDIF/Outlook/Entourage: Use this option if you want to export the contents of your cart into a file you can import into your local email application. Learn how.
  • Remove Unselected: Deselect members of your cart to omit them and click Refresh/Remove Unselected. Then Compose, Create Personal List, or continue to gather email addresses to add to your cart.
  • Empty Entire Cart: This will delete all email address from your cart so you can start building a new group.


Note: Read the mass mailing guidelines before you send an email to a large number of people.


Automatic Cart Purge


The contents of your cart are automatically removed when you compose an email message, create a personal group, or export your Cart to Netscape/Outlook format. If you log out of Agora Portal without using the contents of your cart, it is automatically saved until 2am on that day. If you accidentally quit, shutdown or time-out of Agora Portal, your Cart contents are saved for you until 2am.