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Information Technology Services

Advanced Employee Search

You can run a targeted search by indicated advanced criteria such as a job title or campus address. You can also retrieve the names of Boston College faculty, staff, or student employees, listed under a selected job classification code.

To conduct an Advanced Employee Search:

  1. From the Campus Groups menu, click on Adv. Employee Search. The Advanced Employee Search window displays.
  2. Using the drop down menu for Campus Address, Job Title, and/or Department Name, select the appropriate choice. "Find matches that contain" is the recommended criteria choice in each case.
  3. Type the information you know in the entry box to the right of the criteria box you have selected.
  4. If appropriate, click on the drop list for the Classification Code criteria box and select the Job Classification Code you want to use for your search.
  5. Click on the Begin Search button. The Advanced Employee Search Results window displays the Name, Title, Email, and Telephone for all individuals matching the search criteria you entered.
  6. Use the check boxes next to the names to select individuals or click Select All Items if you want all of the entries.
  7. Click Add to My Cart. The email addresses you selected are now available for use in your Cart.

Learn more about using your Cart.