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Information Technology Services

Setting Up Email Forwarding and Auto Reply

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Forwarding Your Email

Use OWA ( to set up email forwarding. These instructions are taken partly from Microsoft's support website.

  1. After you sign in to Outlook Web App (, click Options > Create an Inbox Rule.
  2. On the Inbox Rules tab, click New.
  3. Under When the message arrives, select Apply to all messages.
  4. Under Do the following, select Redirect the message to.
  5. Enter the e-mail address in the To field.
  6. Click OK to save your selections and return to the new rule window.
  7. Click on Add Action.
  8. Click on the drop down arrow and select Move, copy or delete, click on Delete the message.
  9. Click Save to save your rule and return to the Inbox Rules tab.

Setting Up an Auto Reply Message

Use OWA ( to set up your Out-of-office (auto-reply) message.

If you would like to set an auto-reply message for a reason OTHER than time out of the office, you need to create a rule in Outlook.