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Healthy RAs

Resources for RAs and their Residents


Are you looking for health-related information for your residents? Need to replace the bulletin board on your floor? The Office of Health Promotion is currently offering a series of "Healthy Boards" for the semester. 

The following topics are now available:

  • Drink Smart 
  • Time Management 
  • Destress for Success 
  • Healthy Relationships 
  • Resilience: Bounce Back 
  • Dont' Sit, Bet Fit 
  • Stay Down to Earth with Plant Based Eating 
  • Nourish Noms - BC Dining Ideas 
  • BChill: Stress Management
  • Nourish: Healthy Eating at BC
  • Facts on Tap: Alcohol Risk Reduction
  • Sweet Dreamzzz: Sleep Health
  • Got Sleep: Stress and Sleep

Please complete this Google Form to submit your request. You will receive your board via email within 2 business days.


The Office of Health Promotion offers group education programs on the following topics: 

**Click here for steps on how to plan a successful program with OHP!  

  • iNourish: Healthy Eating

    1. Myth Busters: Navigating nutritional messages to make informed food choices

    2. Dining Hall Hacks: Being creative with the dining hall food options

    3. Healthy Snacking: Incorporating healthy snacks into your daily routines

  • iChill: Stress Management

    1. Be Mindful: Learning mindfulness and meditation

    2. Be Positive: Changing the way we think

    3. The Stressed Brain: Physiology of stress on the body and brain

  • iPlan: Time Management

    1. Power of Pre-Planning: Identify important tasks, plan, and prioritize

    2. Procrastination Perfectionist: Learn how to overcome procrastination

    3. Nail Those Assignments: Learn how to develop a 5-day studying and writing plan

  • iChoose: Healthy Alcohol Choices  

    1. What’s In Your Cup?: Learn the basics of alcohol and low risk drinking strategies

    2. Does Alcohol Make Everyone Look Better?: Discuss the role of alcohol in the hookup culture

    3. Debunking Word Hard, Play Hard: Learn how alcohol affects sleep, exercise, and nutrition

Our talented Health Coaches will come to you and your residents to lead an interactive workshop on any of the above topics.

To request your program, please complete this Google Form. A representative from our office will be in touch with you to begin the planning process.


Also stop by for weekly Mindfulness Sesssions! 



As a resident assistant, your role is support and advise the residents living in your community. The Office of Health Promotion is here to support you.


We have many resources to help your residents stay healthy, happy and safe at Boston College. If you are ever concerned about a resident and would like to speak with any of our staff members about possible resources or referrals, feel free to reach out by emailing or calling our office directly at 617-552-9900.


All students can benefit from an Individual Health Plan (iHP) offered through the Office of Health Promotion. The iHP is a one-hour personal health conversation with one of our certified Health Coaches to discuss health goals and set a personal plan. This conversation is a great referral to make to any of your residents seeking additional support towards reaching health goals and balance here at BC.


For students looking to get more involved on campus, we have many events and volunteer opportunities within our office. Stay up to date on upcoming Health Promotion Events by visiting our website and following us on social media @weareBChealth!


Links Without Drinks

Links is a collaboration of students who are looking to connect with others at BC, make new friends, and socialzie without alcohol. Learn about social gatherings on and off-campus and help plan new adventures! 

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