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Pick 3, You Can

Stay Strong, Pre Plan, Stay Focused!

Juggling Academics, Self Care, and your Social Life may seem challenging but we say it's possible! Block off time in your calendar for studying, sleeping, eating, exercising, and socializing! 

To help you Pick All 3:

  • Try out our 7 Day Self-Care Challenge to receive a free blue Got Time? t-shirt and be entered into a raffle for $15 Amazon gift card! Email or drop off your challenge scorecard to Gasson 025 to receive your reward! There will be one lucky Amazon gift card winners. 
  • Remember to make time and plan for your social life, self care, and academics! 
  • iPlan Individual Appointments will also be available throughout the semester! Bring your planner to a session with a Health Coach and we will work together to help you plan for studying, socializing, and taking care of yourself!  
Pick 3, You Can
7 Day Self Care Challenge