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Nail Those Exams

Finish Strong, Pre Plan, Stay Focused!

Studying for multiple final exams may seem challenging but we say it's possible with the help of our Health Coaches and 5 Day Study Plan!

To help you nail your final exams:

  • Download the 5 Day Study Plan!
  • Finals Prep Session: Attend an individual 20 minute appointment during Finals to receive a free Got Time? t-shirt and finals survival kit!
  • Enter our photo contest by tagging us on social media, emailing, or dropping off a picture of your favorite study locations to receive a free Got time? t-shirt. 
  • iPlan Individual Appointments are available as always to help you develop a plan for nailing those exams and taking care of yourself during finals!

Download the 5 Day Study Plan and Block Calendar here to start making to-do lists and planning for finals! 

Nail those Exams
5 day study plan
Nail those essays