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Resilience Mentors

Stories of Resilience at BC and Beyond

Resilience Mentors

Need help bouncing back from adversity?

Listen to your peers, faculty, and staff from Boston College as they share a story of resilience.  

We asked them: 

  1. What is a challenge you have faced in your life (or in college)?
  2. How did you work through that challenge/continue to work through the challenge?
  3. What advice would you give to others in a similar situation?

Celeste Wells -Professor, Talks about her college experience and taking time off from school.

Kelly Coleman - Alumni, Discusses struggling with the transition to BC academics in her first year in college.

Vincent Rubertone - Student, Talks about his experience adjusting to college life at BC

Kelly Rosseto - Former Professor, Discuses the challenges she faced during a year abroad after graduation.

Lou Gaglini - Associate Director Career Services, Talks about his own experience playing sports in college and handling an injury. 

Makayla Davis - Assistant Director Health Promotion, Discusses senior year and deciding to apply to graduate school.

Elise Phillips - Director Health Promotion, Talks about a roommate conflict she had in college.

Rachel DiBella - Assistant Director Womens Center, Talks about her experience dealing with a death in the family during her time in college.

Olivia Sevey - Former staff member, Talks about her experiencing exploring career options as graduation approached.

David Storey - Professor, Talks about college fit and thoughts about transferring.

Julia Bogiages - Student, Discusses being a first year student at Boston College and getting involved on campus.

Interested in hearing from our Bounce Back Panel of Speakers who shared their stories of anxiety, depression, rejection, demands of college, and medical conditions? We hope these stories can help others deal with adversity in their lives. 

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