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Signature Health Events

Come relax and destress with adorable dogs and bring friends! 

Pet Therapy
Health Talk Event 2017

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Health Talk from the Office of Health Promotion and CSON


Health Talk Speakers


2015 Health Talk Speakers


Health Talk Student Speakers
mindfulness sessions


Click the audio files below to participate in your own guided meditation session.

wellness meditation 1.mp3

wellness meditation 2.mp3

Check Out Our Mindfulness Map Below! 

mindfulness map
Healthapalooza 2016

The Annual Health Event for the Office of Health Promotion

Students who participate in Healthapalooza will be able to identify at least four departments on campus for health-related resources. 

Eyes Wide Open


Eyes Wide Open is program featuring clips from the documentary "Haze" about a student who died of alcohol poisoning; comments from panelists such as student EMT's and Boston College police officers discussing alcohol-related medical emergencies at BC; and education about the signs and symptoms of alcohol poisoning, who to call for help, and the university's help seeking policy.

Learning Outcomes: 

Students mandated through the conduct system will attend the Eyes Wide Open program and will: 

  1. Be able to state at least two main points of the program
  2. Report being more motivated to call for help for a friend who might be suffering from alcohol poisoning
  3. Be able to recognize the signs and symptoms of alcohol poisoning
  4. Be able to identify who to call for help in the case of an alcohol-related medical emergency
  5. Be able to describe the University's Help Seeking Policy