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Alcohol Poisoning

alcohol and drug education program


Recognizing Alcohol Poisoning and Taking Action

Do you know about the dangers of alcohol poisoning? When should you seek professional help for a friend? Sadly enough, too many college students say they wish they would have sought medical treatment for a friend. Many end up feeling responsible for alcohol-related tragedies that could have easily been prevented.  Fortunately, Boston College supports students looking out for one another in such circumstances.  The university "Help-Seeking" policy treats alcohol and other drug related medical emergencies as a health and safety matter when you call for yourself or your peers.

Common myths about sobering up include drinking black coffee, taking a cold bath or shower, sleeping it off, or walking it off. But these are just myths, and they don't work. The only thing that reverses the effects of alcohol is time-something you may not have if you are suffering from alcohol poisoning. And many different factors affect the level of intoxication of an individual, so it's difficult to gauge exactly how much is too much.

There are steps that you can take if you encounter someone who could be suffering from acute alcohol poisoning.  It is dangerous to assume a person will be fine by “just sleeping it off.”  A person who is drinking heavily and passes out may be suffering from acute alcohol poisoning and could die if you don’t help.

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In Case of Emergency:

For all medical & psychological emergencies on campus, contact Boston College Police at 617-552-4444 at any time.