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Be In the Know

alcohol and drug education program

Alcohol Poisoning

Do you have questions about the signs and symptoms of alcohol poisoning? Do you know who to contact in case of a medical emergency?

Health Risks

Would you like to know more about assorted health hazards associated with alcohol or other drug use? View this table.

Alcohol and Drug Interactions

Alcohol is just one of many drugs that, when taken on its own, can have varied effects on the body and mind. Other drugs, whether prescribed by a doctor, found in a medicine cabinet, or bought illegally, will also cause some change in your body chemistry. Mixing various substances together can sometimes have dire consequences.

Blacking Out from Alcohol Consumption

A blackout is a phenomenon caused by the intake of alcohol or other substance in which long-term memory creation is impaired or there is a complete inability to recall the past.

Passing Out from Alcohol Consumption

“Passing out” is a colloquial term for syncope, which describes a loss of consciousness. Passing out is not uncommon across the life span, but passing out from alcohol use is very dangerous.