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AlcoholEdu for College Students

alcohol and drug education program

What is AlcoholEdu?

AlcoholEdu for College is an on-line alcohol education tool administered by Everfi. AlcoholEdu for College is designed as a Population-Level Prevention program to be given to an entire population of students, such as an entering first-year class. This method creates a learning experience that:

  • motivates behavior change;
  • resets unrealistic expectations about the effects of alcohol;
  • links choices about drinking to academic and personal success;
  • and helps students practice healthier and safer decision-making. 

In addition to providing a baseline of alcohol education for all incoming students, AlcoholEdu collects survey data from students as they complete the course. The AlcoholEdu for College course has three major components: a knowledge-based pre and post-test, surveys of attitudes and behaviors at three points in time, and several hours of course content.  Boston College began implementing this program with all incoming freshman during the 2004-2005 academic year and has been using it ever since.

Learning Outcomes:

  • All incoming first year students at Boston College will complete AlcoholEdu for College
  • Students who complete AlcoholEdu will demonstrate an increase in alcohol-related knowledge from pre to post test
  • Students will report being prepared to help someone who may have alcohol poisoning 
  • Students will report being prepared to establish a plan ahead of time to make responsible decisions about drinking 
  • High-risk drinkers will increase their readiness to change the way they drink
  • Students will report an increase in positive behavioral intentions

Attention Freshmen:

All incoming freshmen are required to complete AlcoholEdu for College.

  • Access to the course begins on Tuesday, July 31st.
  • Part I of the course must be completed by Friday, August 17th.
  • 45 days after completing Part I, students will receive an email prompting them to complete Part II of the course.
  • Part II of the course must be completed by Friday, October 26th.

Please Note:  You must receive a grade of 80% or higher to pass and receive credit for the course.

To begin AlcoholEdu for College:

Please Note:  Access to the course begins on July 31st.

To begin AlcoholEdu for College:

  1. Sign in to Agora using your BC username and password.
  2. Click on "AlcoholEdu - Alcohol Education Course."
  3. Input additional information on registration page to create your account (you will not need to create an additional username or password).
  4. You may log in and out of the course at the end of the each section.  Section ends are marked with a "Next" button.  DO NOT log out until you click the "Next" button or you will have to repeat the section you have just gone through.
  5. To log back into your account, ALWAYS ACCESS AlcoholEdu from Agora

Please Note:  If you are not a freshman, but you are interested in taking the AlcoholEdu course, please contact us.