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The Office of Graduate Student Life

Student Spotlight: Victoria (Vick) Pineiro


Student Spotlight: Victoria (Vick) Pineiro
MSW candidate, Graduation expected May 2014


Where Vick grew up:

I was extremely lucky to have grown up all over the world. I was in born in Argentina and raised in New Zealand. I spent my time chasing sheep and sailboats in NZ and sweltering in the Buenos Aires heat drinking 'mate' with my grandparents in the summer. I moved to Utah, US with my mother and stepfather when I was 15 and spent my subsequent summers with my father who lived in Belize. My stepfather taught me how to ride powder waves in the winter and get lost on the trails in the Uinta mountains in the spring. My father opened up the world of SCUBA, jungle adventures and Mayan ruins in the soup like heat of Central America.  As an adult I traded it for tartan, rain and whiskey in Scotland, returning to the US about three years ago.

Undergraduate Institution:

I went to the University of Utah for my undergraduate degree where I graduated with a degree in psychology. I was highly involved in student government, various campus organizations and greek life. My undergrad was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. I met some of the most inspiring, incredible people and I have the good fortune to still count many as my close personal friends. My psych degree and community service feeds directly into my Master's program. Social Work is heavily rooted in community, understanding and celebrating differences, as well as empowering each individual. All of these things I developed and laid the foundation for in my undergrad.

Vick’s life pre-BC:

I have worked in various places, the most relevant to my current degree is working for Felony Drug Court in Utah and in Scottish Parliament doing policy work in the UK. I also was the Director of Student Advocacy at the University of Utah as an undergrad. I have been very lucky to have been given many wonderful opportunities that have allowed me to sample multiple aspects of community service and social work areas.

What led Vick to Boston College:

I first heard about Boston College from one of my close friends that wanted to study here for her Masters. I ended up coming to Boston with her to visit BC and I fell in love. The campus is gorgeous, the academic reputation is outstanding and the size/feel of the community was what I was looking for.

Vick’s experience at BC:

I have not had much of an experience so far, as I am entering my first year. However what I have experienced has been tremendous. Everyone is so welcoming, helpful and really pleasant. I am looking forward to being part of this community not only as a student but also an alum.

Vick’s current projects:

I am in the incoming Director of Advocacy and Outreach.


Vick’s Hobbies:

I used to play roller derby in Utah, which I would really like to continue here if time permits (any roller girls out there that want to get in touch?) I also love to hike, camp and cook.

Post-graduation plans:

I think like almost everyone else, I want to get a job that I love in my field of study.


Parting words/advice to those interested in pursuing a similar career path:

I am still at the beginning of my path so I'm not a wealth of information yet. However I would say that getting involved is the best thing you can do for yourself and community. Pick a passion and run with it.

Vick wants you to know:

I am approachable, enjoy meeting new people and really want to hear what you have to say. Please say hi to me on campus and if there is anything the GSA can do for you please come see me.