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The Office of Graduate Student Life

Grad Student Resource Spotlight: $uccessful Start

helping you make wise financial decisions


Marsia Hill Kreaime and Laura Fallon of $uccessful Start
at the New Graduate and Professional Student Orientation
Resource Fair


Welcome back fellow grad students! Fall means starting classes, reconnecting with professors and classmates, and another year of financial decisions to make! Although we may not be able to help you with homework or exams, let $uccessful Start help you make wise financial decisions this academic year. $uccessful Start is Boston College’s financial literacy program sponsored by the Office of Student Services. Our mission is to prepare Boston College students to be financially literate for their lifetime. We accomplish this through our workshops and our peer mentoring program. Each semester, we host workshops, led by Boston College employees, professors, and expert guest speakers, related to all aspects of personal financial management. Our workshop topics include budgeting, credit management, student loan repayment, how to budget for a major purchase, the basics of financial planning, and much more! In addition to our workshops, we also sponsor a Peer Money Mentor program. Our peer money mentors offer students one-on-one guidance through the world of personal financial management. Mentors offer information on banking, how to build savings, how to create a budget, financial aid options, identity theft, and a host of other financial literacy topics. To accommodate all students, we have both undergraduate student and graduate/professional student mentors. Peer money mentors are perfect for students looking for more individualized information or those who would like additional help beyond what our workshops offer.

If you are looking for ways to be more financially savvy, how to get out of credit card debt, how to manage your student loan debt, or simply how to make a budget you can actually stick to, we are your resource! I know $uccessful Start can help you like it helped me! When I first came to graduate school, I had no clue how to budget, no grip on my student loan debt, and truly believed I had no money to put into savings. In the eight months since I started working with the $uccessful Start program, I have created a reasonable budget (that I can actually follow!), built an emergency fund, started an online high interest savings account, and paid down all interest on my unsubsidized student loan. Don’t let the financial stresses of being a grad student weigh you down! Take your first step to your financial goals by attending a $uccessful Start workshop or requesting to speak with a peer money mentor.

Looking forward to seeing you all at our workshops this year!


Karen Wullaert
Graduate Assistant
$uccessful Start
Boston College

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