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The Office of Graduate Student Life

Grad Student Resource Spotlight: The Connors Family Learning Center (CFLC)

located on the second floor of o’neill library


The Connors Family Learning Center (CFLC) is one of the busiest places on campus.  On a typical afternoon, students will be coming in for tutoring, to take tests or to engage in a discussion of teaching methods.  Located on the second floor of O’Neill Library, the CFLC offers three different types of services, all of them available to graduate students.

First, the CFLC has free tutoring in a wide range of subjects.  A lot of the tutoring is directed toward undergraduate courses,  but many grad students take advantage of tutoring for writing, English as a Second Language, statistics and languages.  For writing in particular, it can help to have someone read a short piece and tell you if it makes sense or if it still needs work.  To make a tutoring appointment, just call 617-552-0611 or stop by the center.  You can also get online writing tutoring for shorter papers (up to 8 pages) at the OWL  ( /OWL).

A different type of service is support for students with learning disabilities and/or ADHD.  The CFLC provides accommodations for approximately 450 students, many of whom are graduate students.  If you had accommodations in college, you may well need them in graduate school too.  To get the process started, bring your documentation to the CFLC and set up a meeting with the learning specialist, Kathy Duggan, to discuss what you’ll need to succeed at BC.

Finally, the CFLC provides instructional support for anyone teaching at BC, faculty or graduate student.  You can have your class observed, request a mid-semester feedback visit, come in for a consultation about your class or attend some of the many workshops on teaching offered in the center.  You can also enroll in the Apprenticeship in College Teaching, a certificate program which helps graduate students enhance their teaching and build a teaching portfolio. 

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