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The Office of Graduate Student Life

Group Grants

gsa-sponsored funding opportunities for bc graduate students

GSA Group Grants help to fund projects and programs that benefit multiple graduate and professional students (as opposed to supporting the work of just one). Typically, groups are awarded grants to cover up to $500 of their expenses. The GSA Executive Board reserves the right to increase or decrease this amount if the specific activities warrant such.  However, please note that increases are rare and will only be awarded in exceptional circumstances.

To apply for a Group Grant please use this form: Online Group Grant Application

Please be sure to use your email address to access the application!

There are two main categories of activities that qualify for Group Grant funding:

Note that applications for both Co-Curricular and Educational Opportunities are due two weeks prior to the event/activity – no exceptions will be made

1. Co-Curricular Opportunities

This fund provides monetary support to collaborative events/activities planned by and for BC graduate students. Programs should reflect a commitment to a cause or promote a sense of community at Boston College. One of the objectives of this fund is to support programs that foster a greater sense of campus community that is conducive to free intellectual exchange; advance knowledge, such as visiting speakers, forums on topics of general interest, etc. Additionally, this fund is designed to encourage increased interaction outside of the classroom. Students are encouraged to craft proposals that will provide opportunities for BC graduate students to gain valuable leadership experience and knowledge.

Funding Requests for co-curricular events/activities are encouraged to demonstrate:

  • Collaboration among multiple student groups
  • Unique opportunity or experience for its participants
  • Promotion of an issue/cause relevant to BC graduate students
  • Significant contribution to the graduate student body
  • A broad view of cultural experiences and knowledge

Who can apply for these funds?

Any registered graduate student organizations as well as any current full-time or part-time BC graduate students are are eligible to apply.

2. Educational Opportunities

The GSA offers Academic Grants to encourage independent graduate and professional student run activities with an academic orientation.  In the past the GSA has funded graduate and professional student conferences and workshops held at Boston College.  The GSA would also like to help foster interdisciplinary work and contact. This fund provides support for student access to educational experiences "beyond the classroom," such as to professional meetings, research conferences, and academic competitions.

Educational Experience Requests are encouraged to demonstrate:

  • Potential for the advancement of research or the promotion of academic success
  • Orientation toward academic or professional development
  • Direct relationship to the individual's declared major, field of study, or current course load

Who can apply for these funds?

All registered students are encouraged to apply and current BC graduate students.

Guidelines for Group Grant Reimbursement

  1. The student who received the reward is the only individual who can be paid out from that award.  The GSA can only reimburse for actual expenses incurred by that student.
  2. The student’s department, college, or school may also be reimbursed for travel expenses incurred by that student.
  3. Before any reimbursements can be issued, the GSA Financial Director must receive proof of registration at the conference.  For presenters, documentation indicating said presentation must also be submitted.
  4. To receive reimbursement, the student must submit the following:
    1. Original, itemized receipts or bills
    2. Student Reimbursement Form
    3. Travel Expense Form if  the group traveled
    4. All reimbursement paperwork should be submitted as hard copies to the GSA Financial Director
  5. All receipts  must be taped to an 8×11 sheet of paper. Only original itemized receipts will be accepted for reimbursement.Please paperclip all your paperwork together.
  6. If a department, college, or school made payments on the student’s behalf, the same procedure should be followed, but specifying payment to the relevant university unit instead of the student.