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The Office of Graduate Student Life

Graduate Student Association

Our Purpose:

The Graduate Student Association (GSA) of Boston College is a student-run organization which serves graduate students in the College of Arts and Sciences, the Lynch School of Education, the Connell School of Nursing, the Graduate School of Social Work, the Carroll School of Management, and the School of Theology and Ministry. 

Additionally, the GSA coordinates the function and activities of the Graduate Students of Color Association (GSCA), the Graduate Pride Alliance (GPA) and the Graduate International Student Association (GISA). The GSA serves two primary purposes: to provide programming to meet graduate student needs and advocate within the greater Boston College community for issues of importance to graduate students.


Now Hiring!

The Graduate Student Association will be hiring for the Executive Director, Director of Progframming and Director of Finance positions.  Please send your resume and cover letter to  Descriptions of each position are below:


* GSA Director of Programming - 2015.pdf
Director of Programming

Statement on Recent Campus Protests


To members of the Boston College Community:

As the Graduate Student Association (GSA), it is our role to advocate within the Boston College community for issues of importance to graduate students.  The killings of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and Tamir Rice have deeply disturbed the graduate student community and we feel that it is important to speak up about these racial injustices.  Across disciplines, graduate students at Boston College conduct research on inequality and work within communities and organizations in order to combat injustice.  Sometimes, these institutional efforts are not enough to change the system.  Protests, demonstrations, and other forms of self-expression are a necessary part of bringing about social change.

We honor the call that more needs to be done on campus and in our off-campus communities, and we support those who are making their voices heard.  We see the “Black Lives Matter” movement as a rallying cry to address systemic racism – and commend the Boston College FACES group for the video they created.  The GSA supports the following efforts to address racism within the Boston College community and beyond:

1. In solidarity with numerous Catholic Moral Theologians, we pledge to examine within ourselves our complicity in racism and how it sustains false images of White superiority in relationship to Black inferiority.

2. We support the efforts made by Boston College students to draw attention to the #BlackLivesMatter movement, including the recent action in St. Mary’s Hall.  We condemn the threat that disciplinary action would be taken by the University against students who participated in the die-in.  We commit ourselves to placing our bodies and/or privilege on the line in visible, public solidarity with future movements of protest to address the deep-seated racism of our nation.

3. We stand in solidarity with the Black Student Forum at Boston College, which has indicated to the administration that Boston College’s engagement with race has been tragically inadequate. In addition to endorsing their five recommendations for making a more racially-responsible campus, we—at the graduate level—encourage Boston College to increase offers of admission to prospective students of color and to provide resources for supporting the often-difficult transition into graduate school. Support would consist of hiring more faculty and administrators who have a deep understanding of racism and intersectionality as well as spaces for graduate students of color to gain mentorship in research, the publication process and grant applications.  We also encourage support at the undergraduate level by adjusting core requirements to include a mandatory course exploring race, sex, and gender in contemporary society.  For teaching assistants and instructors, we recommend increased training in how to create spaces in the classroom for conversations around race, privilege and structural racism. Furthermore, as researchers, training and spaces to learn and discuss how research can address these inequalities across and within disciplines is needed. Finally, support would consist in making sure that all counseling staff are aware of the institutional dynamics affecting graduate students of color who, at times and like all other students, need support in order to navigate the university.

In the upcoming months, the GSA will continue to work on initiatives that aim to address racial injustice on campus.  We encourage members of the Boston College community to continue to speak out and to communicate with faculty, administrators and students about how we can bring about lasting change at this university and our society at large.  We invite any current graduate student at Boston College to sign this statement. In order to do so, send your name, department, and group affiliation (if applicable) to We will update the list frequently.

In solidarity,

The Boston College Graduate Student Association


  1. Dean M. Rockwell, Dept. of Management & Organization, Executive Director, Graduate Student Association

  2. Craig A. Ford, Jr., Flatley Fellow in Theological Ethics; Chair, Graduate Students of Color Association

  3. Kevin Ferreira, Counseling, Developmental & Educational Psychology; Graduate Pride Alliance

  4. Caterina M. Rodriguez, School of Social Work, Graduate Pride Alliance

  5. Joshua Mosquera Wilson, CDEP

  6. Madeleine Cushman, Department of Counseling and Developmental Psychology

  7. Yessenia Arias, Mental Health Counseling, LSOE Diversity Committee

  8. Meg E Barry, GSOE

  9. Meghan Gallagher, Higher Education Administration

  10. Martha Alvarado, Higher Education Administration MA Candidate

  11. Joshua Littenberg-Tobias, Educational Research Measurement and Evaluation, Graduate Education Association

  12. Kirsten Rene, Counseling Psychology

  13. Shaun M Glaze, Applied Developmental and Educational Psychology

  14. Alice Connors-Kellgren, Counseling, Developmental, and Educational Psychology

  15. Erica Foss, History, Graduate Association of Arts and Sciences

  16. David Sessions, History

  17. Erica Washburn, History

  18. Melissa Morrison, Lynch School of Education

  19. Rebecca Rea, GSOE and History Department

  20. Elise Franklin, History

  21. Whitney Elizabeth Abernathy, History

  22. Görkem Özizmirli, History

  23. Peter Berard, History

  24. Lia Atanat, History

  25. Jacqueline Prince Sims, Applied Developmental and Educational Psychology

  26. Chad Landrum, History, Graduate History Alliance

  27. Joanna Kelly, History

  28. Atiera Horne, Lynch School of Education (School Counseling), Graduate Students of Color Association

  29. Kenia Estevez, Mental Health Counseling, Lynch School of Education

  30. Alanna O'Grady, LGSOE Elementary Education

  31. Bobby Wengronowitz, Sociology, Climate Justice @ BC

  32. Caitlin McCracken, Sociology

  33. Annelise Hagar, Sociology

  34. Kate Olson, Sociology

  35. Natalie Basile, Secondary Education

  36. Brandon Cochran, Higher Education

  37. Gloria McGillen, Mental Health Counseling, Lynch School of Education Diversity Committee

  38. Vesi Hristova, School of Social Work, Student Collective

  39. Leah Reinhartz, GSSW

  40. Afua Laast, SSW, clinical, Graduate Students of Color Association

  41. Caitlin O'Donnell, School of Social Work

  42. Leigh Monahan, School counseling, Graduate Education Associatiom

  43. Alishia Jennings, School of Social Work

  44. Claudia M. Wilson, Social Work

  45. Eunice Brady, School of Social Work, Umoja

  46. Katie Stewart, School of Social Work

  47. Jonathan Barry, School of Social Work

  48. Jessica Sam Clayton, Social Work

  49. Audrey Samolis, Social Work

  50. Luzelly Frias, Social work

  51. Jill Forgash, Higher Ed Administration, GSA

  52. Steven A. Burns, School of Social Work

  53. Austin Seeley, School of Social Work

  54. Lauren Diamond-Brown, Sociology

  55. Cristina Vega, BC SSW

  56. Stephanie Fagliano, School of Social Work

  57. Christopher Bacon, Curriculum & Instruction, Lynch School of Education

  58. Kathryn Coursey, Graduate Student - Lynch School of Education

  59. Daisy Cassidy, School of Social Work, Student Collective

  60. Kate Gasparrini, School of Social Work

  61. Steven Blake Bianco, Sociology

  62. Michael McLean, History

  63. Nina, Banozic

  64. Jacquelyn Ozieblowski, School of Social Work

  65. Robert P Benjamin, School of Social Work

  66. Chad Olle, Counseling, Developmental & Educational Psychology

  67. Emily Atkinson, ERME

  68. Joseph Galusha, History

  69. Marlee Dorsey, Counseling Psychology

  70. Mary Kate Curry, School of Theology and Ministry, MTS ‘14

  71. Andrew F. Miller, Teacher Education, Special Education, and Curriculum & Instruction         

  72. Jenny Fauci, Counseling Department               

  73. Luka Carfagna, Sociology            

  74. Wen-Chia Claire Chang, Educational Research, Measurement, and Evaluation    

  75. Elizabeth Brennan, Sociology            

  76. Edwin Leung, School of Social Work    

  77. Juan Gabriel Sanchez, Education           

  78. Travis Benesch, School of Social Work    

  79. Chelsea Kott, LSOE

  80. Tiko Mason, Graduate School of Social Work

  81. Michael Yu, School of Social Work/School of Theology and Ministry

  82. Eva S. Wilson, Counseling Psychology

  83. Justin Cambria, School of Social Work    

  84. Jordan Theriault, Psychology, Graduate Arts and Sciences Association

  85. Jesse Wiltey, School of Social Work, Graduate Students of Color Association

  86. Josephine Pang, School of Social Work    

  87. Regina Munch, History

  88. Ema Sarbu, Mental health counseling, Diversity Committee

  89. Molly Williamson, Social Work        

  90. Jillian Scheer, LSOE Counseling Psychology      

  91. Michael T. O'Connor, Curriculum & Instruction              

  92. Sarah Kark, Psychology  

  93. Laura Niemi, Psychology

  94. Marya Mtshali, Sociology

  95. Vivian Pham, Social Work, School of Social Work Executive Board (1st Year Representative)

  96. Annie Selak, PhD Student, Systematic Theology

  97. Julia MacMaho, Graduate School of Social Work, 2016, Graduate Assistant, African & African Diaspora Studies

  98. Jonathan Barry

  99. Yessenia Arias, Mental Health Counseling, LSOE Diversity Committee.

  100. Jennifer McGrew, Lynch School of Education, Donovan Urban Teaching Scholar

  101. Elizabeth Casey, Boston College School of Social Work, Class of 2015

  102. Kate Mroz, PhD Student in Systematic Theology; President, Theology Graduate Student Association

  103. Luis J. Balcazar Jr, School of Social Work, Student Collective - UMOJA, Chair

  104. Name: Katie Lyle, Romance Languages and Literatures, Romance Languages Graduate Student Association

  105. Caterina M. Rodriguez, School of Social Work, Graduate Pride Alliance

  106. Jennifer Colvin, Master's in Social Work. student leader for the Global Forum on Social Issues Student Collective Group

  107. Kate Ward, Flatley Fellow in Theological Ethics

  108. Stephanie C. Edwards, MTS/MSW, PhD Student, Theological Ethics

  109. Hala O'Keeffe, STM ‘15

  110. Michael J. Grinnell, Boston College Graduate School of Social Work, Graduate Students of Color Association

  111. Paul Edward Madden, Ph.D. Student in Curriculum and Instruction, B.S. 07', Faces Co-Director 2007-2008, M.Ed. 08'

  112. Jessica Souris, Graduate School of Social Work

  113. Deannedr Dworski-Riggs, Graduate student - School of social work

  114. Sarah A. Thomas, Doctoral Student, Systematic Theology

  115. Felix A. Jimenez, PhD Student in the History Department, and Graduate Research Assistant to the Kraft Family Chair, Center for Christian-Jewish Learning

  116. Chelsea Echenique - BC School of Social Work (MSW '15)

  117. Emily Arai, School of Social Work

  118. Ruth Nkemontoh, SWW, GSCA

  119. Zoe Leas, Boston College School of Social Work

  120. Andrew DeVellis, School of Social Work

  121. Shannon Craig, GSOE

  122. Jonathan Hatgas, Boston College School of Theology and Ministry

  123. Caitlyn Cotton, History

  124. Annie Kelly, ELHE, GEA

  125. Katherine Gale, Social Work

  126. Michela Shalvoy, ADEP

  127. Ashley Hopper, Office of Graduate Student Life

  128. Anna Robertson, School of Theology and Ministry, MDiv ‘17

  129. Ann Bolling, Social Work

  130. Onyi Oriji, GSSW

  131. Andrea Beth Wenz, History Department

  132. Aimee Hein, School of Theology and Ministry

  133. Rocío Sánches Ares, Education

  134. Bang Vu Pham, Lynch School to Education, Donovan Urban Teaching Scholars

  135. Clair Johnson, Educational Research, Measurement, and Evaluation

  136. Jillian Shropshire, School of Social Work

  137. Elizabeth A. Bearce, Biology, Biology Graduate Student Association

  138. Nicole Paronzini, Romance Languages

  139. Brittany Prescott, Romance Languages & Literatures, RLGSA

  140. Amelia Brown, Psychology

  141. Elizabeth Gray, Biology, Graduate Students of Color Association

  142. Katherine Carper, History

  143. Dave Harker, Sociology

  144. Pramila Kolekar, RLL

  145. Kaitlyn Quaranta, Romance Languages and Literatures, RLGSA

  146. Ellie Sophis, School of Social Work

  147. Emma Palleja, School of Social Work

  148. Erin Ramsey-Tooher, School of Social Work/ School of Theology and Ministry ‘15

  149. Christopher Riedel, History

  150. Michelle Maddex, School of Theology and Ministry & School of Social Work

  151. Josh McNeil, School of Social Work

  152. Brittany Beauchamp, Mental Health Counseling, Lynch School of Education

  153. Maria Baez, ERME, LSOE

  154. Elise Largesse, Sociology

  155. Nick Harris, School of Social Work

  156. Azade Hosseini, Chemistry, GASA

  157. Kelly Morgan, MSW/JD

  158. Megan Woods, Lynch School of Ed   

  159. Scott Brown, School of Social Work

  160. Renata Love Jones, Lynch School of Education - Curriculum and Instruction    

  161. AJ Diamonti, CDEP

  162. Jordan L. Lawson, ERME

  163. Mark D’Angelo, Curriculum & Instruction, Education. Co-president of the Grad Pride Alliance.

  164. Margo Conley, GSSW

  165. Laura Strong, School of Social Work

  166. Christopher Riedel, History Department

  167. Hong Sun Park, Graduate School of Social Work

  168. Thea Newell, Romance Languages

  169. Danielle Ferriola, School of Social Work

  170. Edward W. Nugent, School of Theology and Ministry

  171. Amie D. Wells, Mental Health Counseling, Diversity Committee

  172. Robert Shine, School of Theology and Ministry

  173. Megan Zinka, LSOE, Donovan Urban Scholar

  174. Tristan Potter, Economics

  175. Paulina M. Bongay, Sociology

  176. Adam Saltz, Math

  177. Garen Chiloyan, Math

  178. Joey DeSantis, Lynch School of Education

  179. John Bauer, School of Theology and Ministry

  180. Chelsea Goldstein-Walsh, School of Social Work

  181. Caitlin Kolman-Mandle, Graduate School of Social Work

  182. John Morton, History

  183. Calista L. Ross, Sociology

  184. Isak Ledegaard, Sociology

  185. Jeremiah Morelock, Sociology

  186. Liam Martin, Sociology

  187. Maggie Chen, Counseling, Developmental and Educational Psychology

  188. Maheen Haider, Sociology

  189. Abo Sotoudeh-Sherbaf, Sociology, Sociology Graduate Student Association

  190. Samantha Eddy, Sociology

  191. Charlotte Haeusler, Sociology

  192. Rachel Nagengast, School of Theology and Ministry

  193. Joanna Goldsmith, Graduate School of Social Work

  194. Rosella Greco, Economics

  195. Julia Bates, Sociology

  196. Tonita Watson, School of Social Work

  197. Sarah McDonnell, School of Social Work / School of Theology and Ministry

  198. Rowena Clarke, English

  199. Alesha Harris, CDEP

  200. Sara Suzuki, Applied Developmental & Educational Psychology

  201. Kelly Carmichael, School of Social Work

  202. Fallon Rossi, SSW

  203. Dericka Denisa Canada, Lynch School of Education - Counseling Psychology, GSA/GEA

  204. Marie Clouqueur, GSSW, Social Work & Spirituality

  205. Anshika Hansen-Verma, School of Social Work

  206. Kady Piloto, LMHC

  207. Megan M Troxell, School of Social Work

  208. Eric Hsu, Graduate School of Social Work

  209. Amy DeNuzzio, Social Work

  210. Taylor Young, School of Social Work

  211. Danielle Joseph, BC SSW

  212. Molly Zurheide, School of Social Work

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