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The Office of Graduate Student Life

Graduate Students of Color Association (GSCA)



As you may be aware, the Graduate Students of Color Association (GSCA) is the reincarnation of the BC group formerly known as “Grad AHANA.”

Yes, the fact that you (probably) have no idea what AHANA stands for precipitated our changing the name.

But there’s more to us than just a name change. Over the summer, a small group of us put our heads together in order to lay down a framework for an organization that celebrates, supports, and engages the students at Boston College who come from various racial and ethnic minority backgrounds.

We’ve summarized what we’re about in these three pillars: Identity, Advocacy, and Community. But, remember, this is just a framework. In order to fill it out and to be the best organization we can be, we need you!  Get involved!


At BC, it’s not just our minds that are admitted here—no matter how brilliant ours might be. Our bodies are admitted here as well, bodies that have histories and identities, stories and treasures—embodied legacies of pain and triumph. Here at GSCA, we are convinced that a truly educational experience cannot be exclusive of or diminutive of our racial and ethnic self-understandings. That’s why we hope this group is a must-join for individuals who come to BC from backgrounds representing racial and ethnic identities that have been the occasions of societal short-sightedness, misunderstanding, and even hatred: African-Americans, Native Americans, Asian Americans, and Hispanic Americans. Moreover, enlivened by this core identity, GSCA hopes that all BC graduate students will join. After all, we are—all of us, really—persons of color. Bring yours.


Our campus—like our world—is imperfect, and both continue to pose challenges based in race and ethnicity (to say nothing about the challenges based in gender, sexual orientation, ability, body type, and others that GSCA members confront as well). At GSCA, we contemplate justice; we advocate for policies and programs that bring awareness to issues that are happening in our communities of accountability; and we ask questions of as well as partner with campus organizations in order to make our world better. That is, after all, why we came to grad school. Be about it.


We celebrate color! It means that we celebrate the traditions, insights, and—of course—recipes and art forms that have come to us as grateful descendants. It means that we celebrate each other; encourage each other; and try our best to help make the campus experience one that is as diverse and as inclusive as our Jesuit mission inspires us to be. So let’s eat together; let’s share open-mic nights together; let’s go to sporting events together; and let’s network together. Come around!




Membership is open to all graduates students at Boston College. Students of color and those from underrepresented backgrounds are especially encouraged to join. All members must abide by the constitution.

To learn more visit our website