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The Office of Graduate Student Life

Career Services for Graduate & Professional Students


According to a report recently released by the Council of Graduate Schools and the Educational Testing Service, graduate and professional degrees are more important than ever, and graduate schools should help better prepare students for a range of careers and tracking where they work.  In short:

Why are advanced degrees needed?
Between 2010 and 2020, about 2.6 million new and replacement jobs are expected to require an advanced degree, with a projected increase of about 22% for jobs requiring a master's degree and about 20% for jobs requiring a doctorate or professional degree. Advanced education levels continue to be associated with lower unemployment rates and higher salaries.

Understanding available career options and the impact on employability may encourage more students to consider graduate education.

What do employers expect of graduate degree holders?
Employees face increasingly complex demands as part of their job. In addition to requisite content knowledge, critical skills such as professionalism and work ethic, oral and written communication, collaboration and teamwork, and critical thinking and problem-solving are consistently defined as important to job success.

Read the "Pathways Through Graduate School and Into Careers"  Executive Summary and the Full Report.   

"The new study examined how much graduate students knew about their career options before entering graduate school, during their time in their programs, and upon completing their degrees. After looking into how students learned about viable career options and the role that graduate programs played in guiding students into careers, the report found that there is a lack of transparency about career options, especially at the doctoral level." Click here to read the full article about Graduate Schools and Career Counseling

BC's Career Center offers a number of helpful resources.  They can help with everything from resume critiques, practice interviews, career assessments, job hunting, advice & information by program, and much more!

*If you are an MBA, MSF or MSA Student - please contact the Graduate Career Center in Fulton Hall at (617) 552-8833.