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The Office of Graduate Student Life

Graduate Student Resources and Support Services at BC

Boston College is home to nearly 4700 graduate and professional students, studying in a variety of degree programs and disciplines. A multitude of services exist specifically to assist students in their coursework, research, and teaching.  Links to many of these academic resources can be found below.  

Graduate Schools
A listing of graduate schools and departments at BC. 

Detailed information regarding BC libraries.

Connors Family Learning Center
A primary academic assistance resource for all BC students.   

Research Compliance
BC research policies and regulations every graduate student should know.

Virtual Data Center
Consolidated access to data collections, analytical software and consulting services supporting qualitative research at BC across disciplines. 

Health Insurance and Health Services

Counseling Services, University

University students encounter a variety of challenges during their years of study. They face the tasks of separating from their families, establishing themselves as independent adults, developing new and closer relationships, and defining and committing themselves to a career. Older students may face some of the same challenges, while also managing the responsibilities of work and more permanent relationships. Contact them for an appointment.

Office of Health Promotion - BC Chill

The official stress management health campaign for the Office of Health Promotion aimed to help BC students identify what makes them stressed and develop coping strategies that really work.