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The Office of Graduate Student Life

Dissertation Boot Camp


Sounds familar? Sign up for Dissertation Reboot Camp!

3 Day Dissertation Boot Camp is March 3-5 2014.

Here's what's required of you:

  1. Dissertation Boot Camp is a writing boot camp. You will spend the time writing. Come prepared to start drafting or revising part of your dissertation.
  2. Once your registration has been accepted, clear your calendar for all the meeting dates for the whole of the boot camp. Participants need to commit to attending the entire workshop. You will not be excused to teach or attend class. Arrange transportation and childcare so that you are free to attend during the times.
  3. Bring a laptop, a mug (coffee/tea available) and/or water bottle. MP3 players and headphones recommended if they help you concentrate or if you find nearby conversations distracting. Work tables are provided.
  4. To sign up, please fill out the form below and it is first come first serve. We are only accepting up to 10 people for the 3 day workshop. 
  5. You will receive a email confirming your status of acceptance to the dissertation boot camp. You will be required to submit a $50 "motivational deposit" check, made payable to the Boston College. Your registration will not be considered complete until we have received your deposit. Please note, your deposit check will only be cashed if you fail to fulfill your commitment for the Dissertation Boot Camp.

Register for Boot Camp Here

*If you're interested in attending a dissertation  boot camp but can't make this day/time, feel free to message Denise Ho I can try to connect you with other graduate students who are looking for a writing group. 

Previous Boot Campers:

A student cannot participate in more than one Boot Camp. If you participated in a Boot Camp, you cannot register again unless there are seats left. The reason for this is twofold:

Boot Camp is limited to 10 students, and we are trying to accommodate as many students as possible. We intend for Boot Camp to be a model that you can continue on your own. It is our hope that participants will form small self-motivated dissertation groups, utilize the Conors Learning Center, when available and stick to an individualized writing schedule with the momentum gained from Boot Camp.