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The Office of Graduate Student Life

GPS: Navigating Student Life at Boston College

Goals. Purpose. Success.

Where are you going?
GPS can help you get there!



What is GPS?

Graduate school can be a rewarding experience, but also a very challenging one. Transitioning to a new campus and academic environment, building new relationships with peers and professors, and figuring out what you will do after graduation are among some of the issues many graduate students may struggle with.

GPS is an overnight retreat experience for first-year graduate students designed to provide a much-needed space for engagement in self-reflection and meaningful conversation about the realities of graduate school at Boston College.  GPS also aims to integrate the process of vocational discernment into graduate student's lives as they prepare for their chosen career path. 

When and where will GPS occur?
This year's GPS Retreat will be held on November 18-19, 2016 at the Connors Family Retreat Center in Dover, MA.

How much does GPS cost?
GPS is free!

This sounds awesome! How do I apply?
The 2016 GPS retreat application will open in October 2016.  To view photos from last year's retreat, click here!

What should I do if I have questions about GPS?

Please contact the Office of Graduate Student Life at for more information about GPS.

GPS students

The 2015 GPS Retreat Cohort

Students who attend GPS will be able to...

List the "Three Be's" of Jesuit Education:
1. Be attentive.
2. Be reflective.
3. Be loving. 

List the Three Key Questions of Michael Himes' approach to discernment. 
1. What brings me joy?
2. What am I good at?
3. Who does the world need me to be?