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UN201: The Courage to Know

Exploring the Intellectual, Social, and Spiritual Landscapes of the College Experience


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The college experience can be seen as a puzzle, a myriad of pieces that need to fit together to achieve a desired outcome. There is life in and outside the classroom. There is the identity of this University as a Jesuit Catholic institution. There is freedom and responsibility and a need to balance a social and academic life. There is a world of ideas to engage, friendships to make, and conversations to pursue.

How do we approach these challenges so that our hopes on entering college are matched by the reality of successes? How can the vision of this University help shape us into becoming the best person that we can be?

This seminar will serve as a fifth course during your first or second semester. It will be an introduction to college life. The readings and discussions will investigate personal and social development in the college years. Topics include the nature of learning, diversity, social justice, human sexuality, intimacy, addiction, and career and professional discernment, among other topics. The class materials and strategies are designed to be provocative and practical as well as intellectually stimulating.

This will be an interactive three-credit seminar of fifteen students. Your instructor will serve as your academic advisor. He/she will be assisted by a senior student who will serve as a mentor/guide. This course will be an elective taught by University faculty.


Courage to Know Section Offerings Fall 2014


Section Teaching Days Time
UNCS220114 Elizabeth Bracher M W F 10:00AM
UNCS220103 Brian Braman M W F 2:00PM
UNCS220111 Fr. Michael Davidson, SJ T TH 3:00PM*
UNCS220104 Ashley Duggan T TH 10:30AM*
UNCS220109 Fr. Charles Gallagher, SJ
M W F 10:00AM
UNCS220115 Dacia Gentilella T TH 1:30PM*
UNCS220108 Martha Hincks T TH 1:30PM*
UNCS220113 Luke Jorgensen T TH 12:00PM*
UNCS220110 Dan Leahy M W F 2:00PM
UNCS220101 Rev. Joseph Marchese M W F 11:00AM
UNCS220102 Rev. Joseph Marchese M W F 1:00PM
UNCS220105 John Michalczyk T TH 1:30PM*
UNCS220116 Thomas Miles M W F 10:00AM
UNCS220107 Dard Miller T TH 4:30PM*
UNCS220112 Michael Moore T TH 12:00PM*
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