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Camaraderie and Conversations Among Men

As part of the Conversations in the First Year Program, camaraderie and conversation among men is designed to create a dialogue that allows first year men a chance to think critically about their lives. Through round table discussions, the program will create an open atmosphere where men can come together to reflect upon their lives here on campus.

Since many of our first year students were deeply committed to a variety of clubs, activities, and athletic teams growing up, there is a void that is created when they enter college. This lack of regimented structure and esprit de corps impacts many freshmen’s motivation and therefore their academic pursuits. Many young men spend time playing videogames while engaging in late night conversations in attempts to capture the camaraderie of high school connections. The desire for personal connections, competition, structured frivolity, and meaning are all healthy desires, but our students pursuit of these connections are misguided and mismanaged and need to be refocused towards academic endeavors. 

The camaraderie that was felt among peers is a vital aspect to personal growth. This loss of camaraderie and individual connections to a broader institution or community are root causes of the apathy that is felt by many men on this campus. This apathy is compounded by boredom which can lead to a host of issues: passivity in academic pursuits, loss of direction, and excessive binge drinking. Through honest and frank discussions, readings, multi-media presentations, and on-line chats, this group will look to analyze the “masks” that our freshmen wear by confronting the misguided views on masculinity.

It is our desire to make sure that Boston College’s legacy of formational ideals is passed on to our students and future generations. We hope to break down these facades of false masculinity that surround alcohol, sexuality, lack of attention to academic rigor, and connected our male students to the camaraderie and the esprit de corps of Ignatian spirituality. By engaging these young men, we will create self-awareness and connect them with older male mentors on this campus in all aspects of mind, body, and spirit.

By gathering together, sharing our stories, laughing together, being honesty with ourselves and each other, we hope to build a strong community with a deep commitment to academic excellence and the Ignatian ideal of BC.

To sign up, please contact Peter Folan at or Danny Zepp at