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48HOURS Learning Outcomes

Experience the Weekend

After participating in the 48HOURS Weekend Experience, students will be able to:

  1. Define what is meant by “perspective” and understand the need for perspective in one’s life.  Participants may define perspective as “stepping back,” “physically removing oneself,” “standing outside of oneself and looking inward,” “listening to oneself,” “reflecting,” “journaling,” “reevaluating,” “openness,” “slowing down,” “holding a mirror up,” “seeing with new eyes,” “putting oneself in another’s shoes,” “learning from role models,” “pushing outside of one’s comfort zone,” and/or “challenging preconceived notions of college life.”

  2. Connect with at least one talk theme (Freedom & Responsibility, Challenge of Academics, Importance of Co-Curriculars, Unexpected Social Pressures, Friends & Relationships, and/or Vision & Vocation), and identify challenges to achieving desired results in that specific area(s) as highlighted in the “Covenant with Self” activity.

  3. As a result of perspective gained on the weekend, integrate positive changes into their lives.