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Ascend Senior Leads



Alexa is a sociology major looking to pursue a career in marketing. She is from Lexington, MA and has lived and breathed the Revolutionary war. She loves summers on the cape, dancing and singing, country music, and the color green. If she could spend my life anywhere in the world for a month, it would be Italy. P.S. She is a secret cat lady and loves video games.


Aubrey is a Psychology (B.A) major and a Women & Gender Studies minor from East Greenwich, Rhode Island, but originally hails from Austin, Texas. She loves writing, teaching Spinning, laughing, and reading memoirs (and hopes to write her own one day). She is passionate about feminism, social justice, mental health, fitness, and good music. She loves to attend concerts, reminisce over the masterpiece that is Mad Men, and challenge herself in small ways every day. After graduation, Aubrey hopes to attend graduate school and obtain a Masters in Mental Health Counseling and eventually a PsyD in Clinical Psychology with a focus on women’s mental health.


Blair is an English major from Bedminster, New Jersey. She loves elephants, sleeping late, and asking people what their Zodiac sign is. She was voted "least changed since freshman year" in her high school yearbook and often gets emotionally attached to TV show characters. Her go-to fun fact is that she once met Britney Spears (pre-2007 meltdown). You can probably find her taking pictures of Gasson or working the helm at Rahner House.


Carissa is a double major in Environmental Geoscience and Sociology from Orange County, California. She strongly advocates for wool socks, pizza, oversized mugs, and her best friends, her parents. On campus, you can probably find her at Dance Ensemble practice, writing last-minute papers in the Rat, teaching a yoga class, or cocooned in a snuggie on her couch in The Mods. One time she used half a bottle of really good hot sauce at a restaurant in Idaho and was proud. After graduation (...wait, what?), Carissa has zero clue what she's going to do, but hopes someone is willing to waste some time backpacking with her in Europe or South America.


Carliana is a senior from Dorchester in Boston, MA; at BC she is a Marketing and Sociology double major in the Carroll School of Management. Her interests range from binge watching on Netflix and Hulu, to learning about different cultures and trying new food J. She’s a Disney fanatic and can honestly recite most of the movies by heart lol. In life, her hope is to be involved with Project Management or doing Global Marketing for companies that are focused on more innovative and current audiences. She’s really excited to be a part of Ascend this year and can’t wait for the experiences that lay ahead


Caroline is an Economics and Applied Psychology and Human Development major from Raleigh, North Carolina. She loves All-American grilled cheeses from Hillside, J-Cole’s latest album, anything Australian, and the TV show Black List. In between classes and hanging out with friends, Caroline can often be found running around Conte Forum or shooting lacrosse balls on Alumni. After graduation Caroline plans on attending law school.


Christina is a Marketing major and English minor from San Mateo, California. She is a die-hard San Francisco Giants fan and obsessed with country music. Her recent coffee addiction means you’ll rarely find her without a large Dunkin, Starbucks or Hillside coffee in hand. Christina studied abroad in Florence, Italy and traveled to 8 different countries, forcing her to conquer her fear of flying. She had an awesome experience being a part of Ascend when she was a sophomore and is so excited to lead as a senior!


Cristy is a Psychology major and Medical Humanities minor all the way from sunny Miami, Florida. You can usually find her drinking Cuban coffee, thinking about her dream Euro Trip, or obsessing about her dog. Her favorite music ranges from the Beatles to Drake (so pretty much everything). She wants to eventually go to PA school and work in the healthcare field, hoping to help as many children and families as she can. She was in Ascend her sophomore year and is so excited to be back with the program!


Ejona is a Philosophy and Islamic Civilizations and Societies major from New York City and originally Albania. She enjoys iced mochas, Cuban music, puppies, and thrift stores. She is currently working on a senior thesis on the women of the Ottoman Imperial Harem and yeah, she’s a feminist. She still can’t believe she is going to Istanbul over winter break for research!


Emily is a Math major and Hispanic Studies minor from Westfield, NJ.  As much as she enjoys a beautiful proof, she equally loves sunflowers, sea turtles, breakfast, and Birkenstocks. She studied in Melbourne, Australia last semester where she fell in love with the country and learned she is not a surfing prodigy. She is so excited for her last year at BC and can’t wait to spend it leading Ascend.

grace h

Grace H is an econ major from the San Francisco Bay Area. She is also an Advising Fellow in the Academic Advising Center (read: you can make an advising appointment with her)! She is one of the co-presidents for Learning to Serve, and loves volunteering around Boston. She is interested in travel, reading of all genres, and fashion. She also loves her dog Maggie.

grace k

Grace K is a sociology and economics major from East Brunswick, New Jersey.  When she's not planning for FACES, you'll probably find her singing and playing the guitar or on the couch watching TV.  Sometimes she's doing both simultaneously.  She's not so sure what she wants to do with her life after graduation, but she'll figure it out eventually!


Hallie is a Communication major, International Studies minor from Washington, DC. On campus she spends her time volunteering with 4Boston and baking for her friends. She is a passionate world traveler and spent first semester of junior year in Cape Town, South Africa. After BC she hopes to move to a sunny, beach town to reward herself for getting through 4 Boston winters and to work in International Development.


Julia is a Nursing major from Summit, New Jersey. She is addicted to coffee (averaging 3 cups a day!), obsessed with chocolate, and allergic to almost everything. If she's not in class, she can most likely be found running deep into the heart of Boston, babysitting her three favorite nuggets, or buried under blanket watching Gilmore Girls. Her post-grad goals are to become a pediatric nurse, meet Nick Jonas, and be funny enough to host SNL.


Kjersti is a Political Science and History major from Minnetonka, Minnesota.  She loves drinking coffee, watching hockey (go Wild!), and getting unexpectedly emotional while watching HGTV.   After graduation, she is planning on moving out west but still is unsure on what she wants to do with her degree.  If she's not at CVS buying unnecessary items, you can find her checking out all of the good Tapas restaurants in Boston.


Leah is a Communications major from Boston, MA. She is Cape Verdean and the middle child of 5. She is the events coordinator of the Cape Verdean Student Association on campus and Vice President of B.E.A.T.S. a cappella group, which is BC's only R&B and Soul a cappella. Aside from loving her culture and singing, Leah loves all sports, especially football. Pizza is her favorite food, though you can always catch her eating because she isn't picky at all!! After graduating Leah hopes to be a famous TV broadcaster or  a backup singer! For now, catch her hanging out with her roomies and the karaoke machine in Ignacio Hall!  


Megan is a history and environmental studies major from Center Valley, Pennsylvania. She just returned from two semesters abroad in Tanzania and Italy. You can usually find her frolicking through nature, getting prematurely excited for the holiday season, wandering through quirky bookstores, dancing to groovy throwback jams, planning elaborate theme parties, misplacing all of her valuable possessions, people-watching and avoiding responsibility in Hillside, and making jokes that no one finds funny but herself. If she had it her way, post-grad, Megan would open up her own sustainable farm and winery, complete with a plethora of puppies, a five star jazz brunch, and miles of sunflower fields.

natalie a

Natalie A is a senior perspectives major living in the mods. She comes from Portland Maine (the city with the highest restaurants per capita in the US). She loves everything the Center for Student Formation does and was a sophomore participant in Ascend's first year as well as a Halftime lead. She only has one goal for next year and that's to hopefully stop saying "when I grow up" (which probably won't happen).

natalie c

Natalie C is an English and secondary education major from a Chicago suburb. She loves food, Chicago sports (Go Blackhawks and White Sox!), dancing like an idiot, and traveling. Last semester she studied abroad in London and tried but failed to meet the royal family. After graduation, she will be attending the BC fifth year masters program for education and learning how to become a real adult.


Nicole is a communication major and international studies minor from Mount Laurel, New Jersey. She loves going down the shore, cuddling with her dog Chloe, painting her nails at really inconvenient times. She studied abroad in Madrid, Spain and has a passion for traveling. You can always find her with her gluten free snacks. She lives in Edmonds and can't wait to lead Ascend!

olivia h

Olivia H is an International Studies major in the Econ track and is from Omaha, Nebraska. Olivia has a passion for dancing, singing, acting and performing comedy even though she really isn't funny. She loves cheese, candles, dogs and traveling. Last fall she studied abroad in Granada, Spain and attempted to survive an entire semester speaking only in Spanish. Olivia is unsure of where her future will take her but she hopes to teach English abroad, travel, perform comedy, & work with marginalized populations around the world.

olivia n

Olivia N is an enthusiastic Midwesterner from Cincinnati, Ohio.  She is majoring in the Psychology B.S. with plans of pursuing medical school if marrying Jon Hamm doesn’t work out.  Last fall she studied abroad in Amsterdam where she spent her free time crashing her bike into various landmarks and amping up her fashion game.  As the daughter of a flight attendant, she recently used her flight benefits to travel to India last summer to do yoga, work in a hospital, and eat copious amounts of vegetarian food with her roommate.  Olivia’s other involvements include Kairos, 48 Hours, and Arrupe. If you ever can’t find her, there’s a 90% chance she’s at White Mountain, El Pelon, or both.


Rocio is an accounting major in the Carroll School of Management from Caguas, Puerto Rico. Her friends on campus know her as Rosie and she can often be found koala hugging people. A lover of traveling, Rosie fulfilled her life-long dream of riding a camel in the Moroccan desert while abroad last Fall. She prides herself on being 5 feet fall and proudly admits to being a chocolate addict. After graduation Rosie hopes to become a Certified Public Accountant, as well as combining her interests in social justice with business background.


Sarah is a Sociology major from the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. She loves all things cozy (including bear hugs, and hot coffee/tea mugs) and is certain that there is nothing better than sleeping in. When she’s not wearing pajamas, you can find her droppin’ it low on the dance floor or hopping around talking to as many people as she can. She’s so excited to be Senior Lead for Ascend!