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Ascend, which was formerly a program for sophomore women, will be re-launching in Fall 2016 as a program for first-year women. Ascend is a program for participants to meet new peers, enjoy meaningful conversations, engage with exciting mentors and explore horizons at BC and beyond. The program consists of weekly small group meetings facilitated by junior and senior women, a group activity with your small group, and one off-campus overnight. Ascend is supported by the Center for Student Formation staff.

Take this chance to connect with upperclasswomen and mentors, build community, and talk about the shared experience of being women students at BC. You, Boston College women, have the opportunity to build a great experience. We want to help you make it better.

Be More. Climb Higher. Ascend.


**For sophomore women, please consider applying for Thrive, a new program for sophomore women supported by the Women's Center.**

For the 2016-2017 Academic Year:

Applications for Ascend Leads (juniors & seniors) will open on September 2nd.

Applications for First-Year Women will open on October 11th.

BC student in Jamaica

At the summit!

BC women in rain ponchos on hike

Ascenders ready for the elements!

BC women

Leads take in a beautiful view

Information for First-Year Women

Applications for First-Year women will open on October 11th.

First-year women meet weekly with their small groups in the spring semester -- with selection happening at the end of the fall semester. Weekly 60-90 min. meetings occur with your small group of 8 sophomore women and 2 senior co-leaders. Weekly meeting times are determined by the group before the start of the spring semester. Other commitments include an all-program off-campus overnight (January 28-29, 2017), 1-2 small group activities, and optional program-wide events.


Information for Leads (Juniors & Seniors)

Applications for Ascend Leads (Junior & Senior women) will open on September 2nd.

Click HERE to learn more about the Ascend Lead position.


ascend hike 2016

Ascend Hike 2016

ascend hike

Ascend Hike 2015


Questions? Contact us at!