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Summer Summit

a summer camping trip for all men


The applicatgions for Summer Summit 2012 are now closed.

This summer camping trip takes a group of undergraduate men into the woods of Maine for a weekend to hike, white-water raft, and talk about their Boston College experience.  Participants will have a chance to connect with other BC students and faculty/staff while taking part in outdoor activities.


Quotes from past participants:

"The Summer Summit is a very worthwhile program that every undergrad should apply for. The trip easily exceeded my expectations, quelled my fears, and was well worth my time and effort. Each event had something special to offer me and will stay with me for years in the future."

"It's an experience to get away from BC, get outdoors in a beautiful part of the country, and connect with peers, graduates, and adults on a more substantial level than you get to find in your daily life at BC."

"The Summit was amazing. It had all the benefits of a camping trip: nature, getting away, camping stuff like s'mores and fires; and the guys got to know each other in a real way."

"Highlight of my summer. Fantastic way to get away from the burdens of summer jobs and other things. Great stress reliever."


Application Process:

  1. Application Deadline: Sunday, April 22nd, 2012 @ 11:59m
  2. Sign up for an interview at Joyce House
  3. Selected participants will be expected to attend a mandatory meeting on Monday, May 7th, 2012