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Jamaica Summer Service Trip


Jamaica Summer will be on hiatus for 2013.
Please check back in the fall of 2013 for an application for the 2014 program.


Students who participate in the Jamaica Summer Program spend two weeks living in the small northern town of Annotto Bay, Jamaica.

Some team members live and teach summer camp to the children of Annotto Bay while others live and teach in the small mountain villages of May River & Tinsbury.

BC students teach basic reading, grammar, math, arts & crafts, and sports to Jamaican children. Each BC student has a Jamaican Co-teacher to assist them in the classroom.

Various Jamaican community leaders speak to the BC group several times throughout the trip. These talks focus on issues of: social justice; the Jamaican economy; solidarity; and the challenge of incorporating faith and spirituality into the experience.

At the end of the program, the group spends two days of immersion in Kingston to experience the urban lifestyle of the culture. One day is also spent with children living in a home for people with developmental disabilities.

All members of the Jamaica Summer team are required to meet fundraising goals in order to cover the program costs. The team works collectively throughout the second semester to reach this goal. With the exception of an initial deposit, students do not have to pay out of pocket to participate in Jamaica Summer.

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