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Captain's Council

Help lead the Freshmen League

The Center for Student Formation is excited to announce the launch a new leadership structure within the Freshmen League. Recognizing that the captain position is the central role within the FL, we would like to introduce the establishment of a Captain’s Council in order to provide a greater sense of community, communication and support for the men who serve our freshmen as captains.

As the League has grown, it is vital that we maintain an active and vibrant captain community. We hope that the council will aid us in providing organized social opportunities, greater communication, and an increased sense of friendship within the captain cohort.

In addition to contributing to the organization in specific areas (outlined below), the Captain’s Council will serve as the general advisory board for the Freshmen League. Members of the Captain’s Council will meet weekly with the Center for Student Formation to help guide the program by offering ideas and advice on how we might provide the best possible experience for our members.

We have intentionally designed the seven council positions in a way that they all contribute in significant ways to the organization. We were also mindful to design the roles so they do not require too much of a time commitment for any one person (we want you guys to still serve as Captains and have a life outside of the Freshmen League).

Applications for the Captains Council are currently open!

Click here to apply today

(Deadline is Friday, September 2)


All Captains on the council, in addition to having one of the specific roles outlined below, will also be a “manager” of four Freshmen League teams in addition to their own. Being a manager entails checking in with the Captains under your supervision to ensure that they are having good attendance at meetings, are able to program regularly and effectively, and are meeting the general responsibilities of being a Captain.

Social Media Chairman

There are 652 current students who have participated in the Freshmen League living on campus this year. This number does not include the 288 freshmen and 72 Captains that will be chosen to be a part of the 2015-16 Freshmen League. With over 1000 men having a connection to the FL, we need to maintain a greater social media presence! We are looking for a guy who is a genius with social media. This creative, witty and cutting edge guy needs to be obsessed with Instagram and wise about the ways of Facebook. This person responsible for the communication that takes place through the FL Facebook and Instagram account. Since we currently have an abysmal social media presence, this is an opportunity for someone to grow a program from scratch and have a built in audience of over 1000 people. This is a great position for anyone who would like to go into marketing, advertising or work in the world of social media.

This person will post 3 times per week as well as assist the video communication chairs in the mass communication to the Freshmen League.

Be addicted to your phone and social media
Be creative and witty in your approach
Be a disciplined social media poster

Social Events Chairmen (Two positions)

We are looking for two guys to serve as “connectors”. With 72 captains, it is a real challenge for everyone to get to know each other. While captains meet each other on the Captain Retreat and at the monthly summits, we realize that those settings are limited and don’t provide the best environments for new friendships to take root. We would like to have two super social guys serve as our Social Events Chairmen. Social Chairs are in charge of building the Captains’ community. These duties include both formal informal Captain socials… MOD gatherings, barbecues, social outings (hiking, trip to Boston Common to chill, etc). The Social Chairs will be in charge of the Captains Facebook Page and use it, along with group texting, to communicate social opportunities to the Captains.

The Social Chairs will be responsible for planning monthly activities for the months of Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar & April…. (some might be small and casual, some might be organized outings) In addition, the social chairs will help the CSF plan the Captain’s Banquet in May.

The Social Events Chairmen will have access to a special Captain programming budget that will assist in the execution of some of the more formal activities.

In addition to event planning, the social chairs will be responsible for moral and humor among the Captain cohort. This can be accomplished by funny postings or text messages that include appropriate jokes.


Be generally great guys
Be fun
Don’t be cliquey… be inclusive.
Be creative with your programming and social ideas
Be a connector

Recruitment Chairmen (Two positions)

Convincing good guys to be Captains is the MOST important part of running the Freshmen League. The program is only as strong as the Captains. The recruitment chairmen will work closely with the CSF in devising a comprehensive recruitment strategy for Captains and Freshmen. These guys will have input into marketing materials, supervise the burrito info sessions, organize guys to staff the table at the student involvement fair, and perform a variety of activities that will help get the best guys at BC to be a part of the League. In addition to recruitment, the Chairmen will assist with the interviews, selection and FL Draft in order to ensure we get top talent.

Be organized
Be an excellent communicator
Be able to quickly and articulate what the Freshmen League is about
Be well networked on campus and know many different and diverse student groups

Video Communications Chairmen (Two positions)

The Freshmen League needs to think out of the box about how to communicate to 72 Captains and 288 Freshmen. Our idea is to produce short, weekly video updates for the FL Community. In order to accomplish this, we need two Video Communications Chairmen. The Video communication chairs will be responsible for starring in and producing weekly update videos that will be distributed to both the Captain and freshmen communities (you will be the face of the Freshmen League!). These 1-2 minute videos will be humorous yet informative and communicate logistical and thematic needs to the Freshmen League. These chairs will be responsible for being creative and writing/producing each video along with a video technician in the Center for Student Formation.

The Video Chairs do NOT NEED to possess video production and editing experience… we have students to do that part of the process… we are looking for funny, creative and charismatic guys to be the faces of the FL.

Be highly creative and funny
Be comfortable on camera
Possess the written and verbal ability to convey dense information in an effective and humorous manner