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Retreat Director

a leadership opportunity for current graduate students and staff

Applications for 2014-2015 are now closed.

Thank you for your interest! Check back here in the Fall of 2014 to access the application for 2015-2016 positions.


Click Here to View the Halftime Retreat Director video!

What is Halftime?

Halftime is a three-day retreat for undergraduate students that is sponsored by the Center for Student Formation. It is an opportunity for students to take some time away to gain a stronger sense of purpose as human beings, as students, and as men and women beginning to make life choices. They will reflect on their past and look towards their future by exploring such questions as: who am I?, what am I passionate about?, what talents do I have?, and what have I learned about myself during my time at BC?

What is the Retreat Director position?

The Retreat Director position is a volunteer opportunity open to Boston College graduate students and professionals. The Retreat Director will prepare a team of eight student leaders for a Halftime retreat. Retreat Directors are responsible for: building a team with the student leads, preparing logistics, practicing student talks, and teaching small group facilitation skills.

The Retreat Director will also facilitate various activities throughout the weekend and will work closely with faculty and staff members present on the retreat.

What are the benefits to you as Retreat Director?

• Meet other graduate students with similar interests and share in the training process with them while continuing your own vocational journey.
• Make connections with a group of dynamic undergraduates and the Boston College community as a whole.
• Really get to know and become and expert at Boston College.
• Meet faculty and administrators from all areas of the university.
• Further develop training and leadership skills.
• Finally…spend a free weekend away!

Time Commitment and Dates:

As a Retreat Director you would commit to be available:

• 1.5-2 hours per week from February to April 2013 for training/information sessions with the Center for Student Formation staff.
• 2 hours per week in the eight-week period before the retreat for leadership team training and preparation.
• .5-1 hour per week in the eight-week period before the retreat for check-ins with the Halftime Coordinator.
• At various times during March to help interview applicants for student leaders for the 2014-2015 Halftime retreats.

2014-2015 RD Openings:

Halftime 75: August 27-29, 2014
Halftime 76: August 27-29, 2014 - All Senior Retreat
Halftime 77: October 24-26, 2014
Halftime 78: February 20-22, 2015
Halftime 79: March 20-22, 2015

"Directing Halftime was not only a great way for me to connect with undergraduates doing the kind of work I hope to do in the future, it was also a phenomenal way to get to know people from other schools and share from our different experiences.  The entire process made me feel more of a part of the BC community, and it is something that I am so glad to have done." 

Any questions regarding this position or the application process can be directed to Megan Krakowiak at