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Radiation Safety Program

Environmental Health & Safety

The purpose of the Radiation Safety Program at Boston College is to keep exposure to radiation as low as reasonably achievable (ALARA) for users, workers, and the general community. This is done by using appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), training users in regulatory compliance and safe handling practices, keeping work areas clean, and monitoring for accidents and spills of radioactive materials.

All workers in labs that use radioactive materials must attend Initial Radiation Safety Training, and investigators must have their protocols approved by Boston College’s Radiation Safety Committee. The Radiation Safety Committee meets on quarterly basis.

For more information on the Radiation Safety Program, please consult Boston College’s Radiation Safety Manual (pdf).

In the event of a radioactive spill, contact Eric Johnson at 617-552-0363. After hours, call the Boston College Police Department at 617-552-4444 and ask for the EHS Office to be contacted via RAVE Alert.


All individuals potentially exposed to radiation due to the nature of their own or their lab's work are required to have initial training for radiation exposure before they purchase or  work with radioisotopes. Annual refresher training is required for all those cleared to work with radioisotopes.

During radiation safety training, certain instructions from regulatory agencies are presented.  The documents below provide important information about occupational radiation exposure and prenatal radiation exposure: