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Cold Hors D'oeuvres


  • Oven dried cherry tomato on parmesan and Tuscan bread crisp $2.50/person
  • Smoked chicken tart with sweet ginger rhubarb chutney $2.45/person
  • Fresh tarragon and caper deviled eggs $2.50/person
  • Crostini with eggplant caponata and basil $2.50/person
  • Spanish manchego cheese with quince paste and larguetta almonds $2.50/person
  • Vermont montrachet style chèvre and rosemary crostini drizzled with beekeepers honey $2.50/person
  • Sushi assortment $3.60/person
  • Cashel blue cheese crostini with poached pear chutney and walnut oil drizzle $3.05/person
  • House rolled Thai vegetable spring rolls with hoisin dipping sauce $3.05/person
  • Herbed goat cheese-stuffed marinated artichoke halves topped with roasted tomato chutney $3.05/person
  • Thai beef salad in lettuce cups $3.95/person
  • Smoked salmon on sea salt and black pepper crisp, crème fraiche, and candied citrus $3.95/person
  • Sliced beef tenderloin crostini with horseradish and smoked tomato jam $3.95/person
  • Tiny lobster brioche sandwiches with tarragon aioli and fresh chervil $4.25/person
  • Shrimp cocktail $4.25/person
  • Chilled lump crab and avocado salad crisp $4.25/person


Seasonal Hors D'oeuvre Options

  • Butternut squash and sage arancini $2.45/person
  • Braised pork belly on wonton with shaved scallion $2.45/person
  • Smoked salmon coronet with peppercress and black sesame $3.80/person
  • Seasoned tenderloin fennel agri-dolce crostini $4.25/person
  • Truffle grilled cheese $2.45/person
  • Ricotta salata with white fig compote $2.45/person
  • Palm sugar roasted pork belly with micro daikon shoots $3.05/person
  • Blini with scottish smoked salmon and crème fraiche garnished with snipped chives $3.80/person
  • Smoked duck with red currant black pepper jam on brioche $3.80/person

Prices above include scrollware service. China service is available at an additional cost.