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Dessert Options


The following desserts are available as options with meals that include dessert:
  • Apple cranberry crisp a la mode
  • Pecan tartlet with bourbon cream and candied pecans
  • Fresh seasonal berries with sabayon
  • Cheesecake with fresh fruit
  • Individual lemon tart with whipped cream
  • Flourless chocolate torte with natural vanilla ice cream and raspberry coulis
  • Pear and dried cherry dumpling with warm caramel
  • Creme brulee with seasonal fruit conserve
Add $2.10/person for the following options:
  • Shokinag chocolate pot du crème with framboise cream
  • Frozen limoncello flute with raspberry and local mint
  • Warm molten chocolate soufflé served with creme Anglaise
  • Individual cameo mousse cake
Coffee Service
  • Freshly-brewed Dean's Beans coffee and decaf
  • English, herbal, and decaffeinated tea
  • Sugar, Equal, Sweet and Low, milk, half and half, lemon, and honey

A La Carte Dessert Options

  • Chocolate cake $25.60/each
  • Carrot cake $25.60/each
  • Cheesecake $30.80/each
  • Caramel cake $25.60/each
  • Chocolate Nemesis cake $30.80/each
  • Chocolate mousse cake $41.05/each
  • Snickers pie $41.05/each
  • Apple pie $17.95/each
  • Cherry pie $17.95/each
  • Pumpkin pie $17.95/each
  • Pecan pie $17.95/each
  • Apple strudel $3.25/each
  • Mini strudel $3.25/each
  • Lemon bar fingers $1.20/each